My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


57. Episode 24 - Wedding Special

It is now the next day. Simran, Raj, Pia and Amber are in Raj’s bedroom.

Amber: I am so excited!

Pia: We know, you said it the last twenty times. You are too excited!

Amber: I know!

Raj: This is the outfit I am wearing. (He gets that outfit out and then another suit out.) I was going to wear this for the reception, if there was one.

Amber: Keep it out though, you might need to change. Indian outfits are a killer.

Simran: I know right!

Raj: Hey guys, one thing weird happened yesterday.

Simran: What?

Raj: Dad suddenly wanted to hang out with me. He didn’t even talk to my Jett that much.

Simran: Weird! He probably is having a change of heart. Maybe realising that he needs you. Avi is dead now. (She says it quietly.) With any luck dead now!

Raj: What was that?

Simran: Nothing, don’t worry! Get ready, and then come down the stairs.

It now goes quickly to the four of them downstairs. Devesh is downstairs. They go outside and they see this big car. Everyone is shocked and Simran is happy.

Devesh: Son, this is for you. You are going to the wedding in this. The four of you. (Simran and Raj goes to hug him. Simran stamps on his feet.) You guys get in.

Raj: Thank you so much dad.

Pia: Thank you so much Kaka. (Pia, Raj, Mino, Amber and Simran all get in the car. Then Devesh, Kokila, Shashi, Sachin and Kajal get in the car which is the same make.)

All: Let’s go! (They all drive out.)

Then the scene changes to them all there. The guests are all there and the Dhol’s are all playing. They get out the car.)

Pia: (Pia, Amber and Simran all huddle.) Girls, save the shoes! (Raj then goes to the girls.) After you have gotten in, give me your shoes.

Raj: Got it! (They then all go in the crowd and the girls and the guests dance to the beat of the drum.) They then all enter the hall. (Raj takes his shoes off and gives it to Pia. They then walk to the mandip. He then sits down on the chair.)

Pia: Keep the shoes safe.

Simran: Where shall we keep it? (Coronation Street actors arrive and go up to Simran, Pia and Amber.)

Fizz: Hiya.

Pia: Hi, all of you it is great you can all make it. I was hoping you could.

Tyrone: Well it took some time as we left from Manchester but we made it and we are going to a hotel when we arrive closer to home.

Amber: Great. Very organized.

Maria: I hope the ceremony is good and not very long.

Simran: Guys don’t worry. The ceremony is long but you talk through the whole thing.

Tina: Really?

Simran: Yep, this is the Gujarati ways.

Peter: We will take our seats. See you later. We will all talk to the happy couple soon. (They all leave. They go to their seats and Simran, Pia and Amber go to the mandip.    

Priest: Okay, we are going to put these covers over your eyes. (They put a towel over his eyes and then they get this big cloth and covers it over his body.)  The girl is coming so you can’t look at her, this is per the tradition.

Mahi comes and she walks to the mandip then the priest takes off the cloth and drops the cloth. They then follow traditions and the wedding takes place. They do all the wedding events but you can’t hear it. When the wedding ends, Raj and Mahi step down from the mandip. Mahi starts to cry. She touches everyone’s feet and then hugs them. She starts crying. Raj does the same but he isn’t crying, he is happy. They then walk out the hall with everyone there. The guests go to the seats and gets there buffet and eat. Mahi’s family and Raj’s family go up the stairs. Pia, Raj, Simran, Amber, Mahi, Devesh, Avi, Kajal, Kokila, Shashi, Sachin, Kinjal, Manav, Solchana and Mino all sit on one table. The rest of the close family sit on other tables. It is big and round and they are all talking among themselves.

Pia: Raj, you are married!

Raj: Yes, hence we are all here eating this food. I need to get more food.

Mahi: Same. (They both leave.)

Simran: Okay everyone knows about the reception.

All: Yes!

Pia: I need to check on something! (She leaves the table.)

Devesh: Everyone there on time and nothing should be said to Raj and Pia about it.

Raj: (They come back to the table.) What you guys talking about?

All: Nothing!

Pia: (Pia comes running back.) It’s gone! The shoe’s gone!

Raj: Pia! I better get my check book out. (They all laugh.)   

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