My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


56. Episode 23 - Vidhi Night

It is now the next day. Devesh is in his room and he is scared while he is combing his hair. His phone rings and it is Avi.

Devesh: Yes Avi, what?

Avi: I am so scared. I will get the boot and then the business and everything.  It also includes that I won’t every see you again.  

Devesh: It is really hard. What shall we do?

Avi: Whatever we do, it doesn’t matter? No one will ever hate you. Let me tell you why. You are the one who is paying for nearly everything in the house. It is your house! So you don’t need to worry! They can’t kick you out.

Devesh: That is good but what happens if that doesn’t work out.

Avi: Well we can find out what she wants and then we can do it and then secret gone.

Devesh: That is great! I have to go, see you at the Vidi. (He puts the phone down.)  

Amber and Pia are in Pia’s room. They are in there outfits and they are putting make up on. Raj enters there room in his outfit as well.

Raj: Hey girls, I love those outfits and I can’t wait for your dance.

Amber: Yep, I hope it all works out.

Pia: It will, everything is going to go well.

They all leave and go down the stairs.  Simran and Avi enter the house. Simran goes to Pia, Amber and Raj and Avi goes to Devesh to the bar.

Devesh: Is everything sorted?

Avi: When she is here we get her? Something else happened that was weird. Simran is acting strangely. She is angry with me and she didn’t even give me my breakfast and she always does.

Devesh: You don’t think she knows, do you?

Avi: I don’t know, you will need to find out.

Simran: (Simran is listening to Devesh and Avi’s conversation.) Me being fine, my foot. I will make your life hell! Both of you. Avi, you will get nothing you watch! And dad you will be so embarrassed. (Devesh goes up to Simran.)

Devesh: Hello beta. How are you?

Simran: Shut up! I know what you did and I hate you for it! (Solchana goes up to them.)

Solchana: I agree! I hate him! What you did to my future grandson-in-law was mean and stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself! But I am not going to say this to anyone. As long as you follow my orders!

Devesh: What orders? What are they?

Simran: First bring Avi. Avi! (Avi goes to her.) Listen to these orders, I know about you and Devesh!

Avi: I don’t know what you mean-

Simran: (Simran slaps him.) Shut up! You know what I mean you idiot! (She slaps him again.)

Devesh: Stop it Simran!

Simran: You are stopping me from slapping him, but you didn’t do that when Raj was slapping me. And for your information I am slapping him for good reasons! You made Raj slap me by blackmail! You are both stupid! I wish you were dead!

Solchana: Same, you are right Simran. Now listen to my list! You must be a part of the wedding and look excited! You must talk to Raj and be a part of the family. You must not talk to Avi. He is an idiot! You can talk to him but slightly! You must give Raj the high percentage of the business, so 60 per cent for Raj and 20 per cent each for Simran and Avi. And one more thing, you must organize a surprise wedding reception! If you don’t follow those rules, there will be trouble! Now go and follow them! (They all walk away. Simran and Solchana are satisfied and Devesh and Avi are upset and angry!)

Simran goes up to Pia, Mahi, Amber and Raj!

Simran: Raj, we are not going to do our dance today. I can’t!

Raj: Oh, I was looking forward to that since the other one was really good.

Mahi: Yes, you are right!

Pia: Can I talk to you? (Pia takes Simran and Amber to the side.) Why can’t we do the dance? When are we going to do it?

Simran: Devesh is organizing a surprise reception for the wedding so we will do it there.  

Amber: Great idea!

Simran: But it is a surprise, so don’t tell anyone!

Pia: Okay I won’t! That is a great idea!

Simran: Raj will be so happy and that will be great! But remember surprise!

Amber: Okay we won’t say. (They all get excited while Raj watches them on.)        

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