All Bad || Justin Bieber

❝She changed his life, she saved him, and she doesn't even realize it.❞


1. p r o l o g u e

chapter one - p r o l o g u e

Emelia Monroe was the most ordinary girl in Stratford Highschool, she liked pizza, watched a little too much PLL, was a little bit insecure and school wasn't where she liked to be most. She was very likeable, and if you didn't like her, you were kinda weird.

Of course, if you were the most hottest, attractive, witty, popular guy in school, you didn't have to like her. She wasn't the most powerful, hot, popular girl in school, she barely had any power, and he had power, simple as that.

Justin Drew Bieber, was your typical highschool crush, the guy that made your knees weak, your heartbeat go faster and he was for sure, not unattractive.

Still it was weird, he hated her. He hated her smile, her annoying giggle, her eyes, her body, her hair. He despised every little thing about her, and it was kind of a question why.

But, she hated him to. And that, everyone, was utterly weird. She was nice to every single person, but when she saw him, she had that 'oh yeah imma roll my eyes cuz he ugly shit' look. He did the same, and all that began in pre-school, they hated each other naturally, still we all wondered what must've happened that the two hated each other that much.

High school is big, so they of course they could just ignore each other. It'd be easy, but they had the most amazing luck (note the sarcasm) that their parents were friends, and they had to see each other at least once a week.

Every week, in front of their parents, they acted like they liked each other, their acting skill were awfull, and it's a suprise their parents weren't seeing how fake they acted.

But still, here they were; she trying to teach him something, and him trying to learn something. Never in a million years they thought that what was about to happen, was even able to happen.

Ariana Grande as Emelia Monroe

Justin Bieber as Himself

Cristine Properi as Dana Jones

Ryan Butler as Himself

Pattie Malette as Herself

Jasmine Villegas as Lucy Smith

Dylan O' Brien as Ben Fields

Copyright © ValentineRoses, 2014. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced without ValentineRoses's express consent.



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