Meeting him (slow updates)

Kat finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She meets her sister and she's that she goes through the same pain. Kat also meets one direction and her life gets better than it was


1. a new beginning

Kat's Pov

Hi, my name is Kathleen but you can call me Kat. My mam died when I was two in a car crash. I live with my dad but he's never home, anyway enough about me.

I am at home waiting for my dad to come home from his so called business trip.( I'm sixteen and live in Doncaster, ever since I was five he leaves me at home for weeks at a time, with no food). I decided to go out for a run to clear my head because I caught my boyfriend jack cheating with Eleanor my cousin. ( I don't have anything against Eleanor it's just for this story). I know that Eleanor has Louis as a boyfriend but he had found out that she had cheated on him. I was running around he block and ran past the park and saw someone sitting on the bench. I walked over and saw it was my sister Mia. ( she moved out because she didn't like living on her own and looking after me when she was nine) "hey Mia" I said to her " hey Kat" she said to me and I saw that she has been crying. "Are you ok" I asked "I just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with our cousin Eleanor" she said trying not to cry " omg my boyfriend cheated on me with Eleanor too" I told her. "How's living with dad" she asked me " the same as he was when we were younger but now he's never home. How's living with aunt Peggy?" I told her " she's really fun but now I can't stand Eleanor though" she said. "Do you want to go to mac Donald's to eat" I asked her "sure, but do you have money" she asks me back " nope I haven't had food since a month ago" I told her and she dragged me to aunt Peggy's house and walked in. "Peggy, can Kat stay at our house because dad leaves her at home with no money or food" she yelled through the house. "sure pet she can move into the house" she said and hugged me "here go to McDonald's and buy some food. Also go to your house and get your clothes Kat" aunt Peggy said and we did that.

Louis' Pov

I caught Eleanor kissing some guy in Starbucks, I went up to her and told her that we are over and walked out even though the boys were waiting on me to bring them their drinks but I walked straight out. I noticed one of the boys got up and started to follow me so I decided to run as fast as I could so I could be alone. As I was running my phone beeped and I saw that the boys weren't following me so I took out my phone and saw Liam had texted me.

Liam- mate where did ya go.

Me- I caught Eleanor kissing some guy n I left bc I didn't want to b there anymore

Liam- thts ok do u want to talk

Me- nah it's ok if I need to I'll talk to u

Liam- ok mate, I'm here if u need me

I stopped texting Liam and I was walking down to mac Donald's to get some food I bumped into something "oh sorry" a sweet voice said and I saw a beautiful girl with coca-cola stain on her top. "No, it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going" I said, "my names Kat" she said "hi Kat I'm Louis" I said to her. We went to a park and say on a bench and talked for ages. It was 7:30pm and my phone rang. It was Liam.

-phone call-

Li- hey mate we are ordering food want some

Lo- sure can I bring someone

Li- sure see ya soon

and I hung up. "Kat do you want some food" I asked her hoping she would join me. "Sure, where" she said "the boys are ordering food and I asked if you could come and Liam said yea" I told her and she agreed and we started to walk home when I saw Eleanor walk up to Kat and slap her. "What was that for" I said pushing Eleanor out of the way. "This girl Louis is my cousin and my boyfriend cheated on me with her" Eleanor said pushing me back. "Hold on, how many boyfriends did you have" I asked her, "well you and two others" she answered that minute Kat pushed Eleanor to the ground and grabbed my hand and we ran to Liam's house. When we got there Liam was waiting forbid with a sad face. "Shot, we are in trouble" I whispered to Kat "yea we are" she said

Liam's Pov

Simon called and said that Louis has to get back together with Eleanor or he is in trouble. When they finally came up to the door I asked if I could to Lou alone ad she said yes and walked over to my car and waited for me to be finished. "Simon said you must get back with Eleanor. And I know you don't want to, so I have an idea but it involves Kat" I said to him and he nodded. I waved Kat over to us and said " you both need to come to Simons office with me" and they followed me to my car and got in. Louis looked like he was gonna kill someone and Kat looked like she was in trouble. We finally got to Simons office and I parked the car and everyone got out. We walked to Simons office and walked in. "Liam, Louis what are you doing here" he asked us " we are here because Louis doesn't love Eleanor anymore but he does like Kat" I said and they both blushed and Simon said "fine, Lou you can date Kat".

Louis' Pov

I looked at Kat and saw that she had blushed when Liam said we liked each other "you like me" I whispered to her " yea, ever since Eleanor showed me you" she answered me and I hugged her and we left Simon and Liam talking.

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