Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


4. a lovely lunch

El held louis' hand as we walked into the restaurant. Niall,zayn and liam we're walking next to louis talking about a game of some sort,Danielle and Perrie where walking next to me talking about shoes. And well harry he was no where to be seen.

I felt a warm breath on the side of my neck, "has anyone told you how beautiful you are?" A small voice whispered into my ear. I turned round "harry oh my god you scared me" I said gigging. "Sorry" he said grabbing my waist.

"Erm harry.." He smiled and put his head on my shoulder "yes beautiful" he whispered in my ear. Harry styles thinks I'm beautiful,I thought to my self.. I mean yeah he was really good looking and I kind of fancied him a little but to know that harry styles,the famous harry styles,thinks I'm beautiful?,I must be dreaming... "Nothing." I said still thinking about what he said.

"My lady" harry said pulling out a chair for me. I giggled and sat down "why thank you sir" he smiled at sat opposite me. Niall and zayn kept asking me lots of questions,and liam was talking to Danielle grabbing each other's hands kissing them gently.

Zayn turned from niall and started talking to Perrie about what she wanted for her birthday. "Lunch is served" louis and el said placing everything down on the table.

It was a delicious lunch I have to admit. "Steph we haven't really had a chance to talk but tomorrow it's my 20th birthday and I was wondering If you wanted to come out with me,Danielle,el and the boys to a club?" Memories flashed back,el and me in a night club,this is going to be interesting. "Yeah sure Perrie"

It was 2:30 when we left to head back home. El was sat next to louis rubbing his leg kissing his cheek every so often. Zayn and perry were fiddling with each other's fingers,liam and Danielle were talking about Perrie's birthday. Niall was annoying the driver and me and harry where talking. Getting to know each other.

"Steph you have really pretty blue eyes"he smirked "harry your so cheesy and can you stop looking into my eyes" I giggled. Harry too my phone and typed his phone number in "harry what do you think u are doing?" I growled "Exchanging our phone numbers" he laughed. "Well you could have asked instead of snatching my phone!!" I smiled. "Yeah but that would have been no fun" he smirked.

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