The killer in him

News: "The serial killer's still free. Police are powerless and don't have many clues to go by. It comes in tips from around the country and maybe someone out there knows who he is or if this just the beginning?"


26. Gaining the upper hand

In the evening took Niall the knife out from the bag and everyone held their breath. He sat back on the table and looked coldly at Sam. 
"Fuck me, I'll let you live." 
He looked frightened. I saw at Sam he didn't want to do anything of what Niall said. 
Niall laughed cold. 
"Because I want to know how it is." 
Sam frowned. 
"And I will live? Jeff then?" 
Niall looked at both guys and he seemed to be unsure. 
"He may also live." 
I chose to look away. I realized that Niall had all power over us and he steered us. Sam said yes in the end, which surprised me. Niall's face lit up and he immediately tore up Sam from the couch. He dragged him towards the bedroom. Jeff was crying silently and I understood him. 
"It will pass." I whispered. Jeff shook his head quickly. 
"He does it for us to get survive. It's so wrong. It should be me who..." 
He paused and looked at me. We said nothing more.


After a while a naked Niall into the room. 
"Come on, Darling!" 
I hesitated. I saw that he wasn't happy and he looked totally dissatisfied. I got up and went with him.


We came into the bedroom and immediately I saw the blood. I saw a dead body, and I knew that he had killed Sam. 
"It wasn't like I thought." Niall said, and seemed to think that he defended himself. "He was fucking disgusting to fuck." 
I swallowed and spun around. I looked coldly at Niall. 
"You promised him.." 
Niall shook his head quickly and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. 
"No, I told him he could live if he had sex with me. We didn't have sex." 
I blinked and I was scared. Would he now kill Jeff? 
"And now?" 
Niall smiled and pulled his arms tightly around my body. He forced me to stand near him. 
"We do it?" 
I tore myself from his arms. 
"No I don't want to do it more. I don't want to have sex in the same room with a dead body."
Niall laughed. He grabbed me and ripped off my dress. Then he pulled me out of the room again, and he laid me down on the table in front of Jeff. Quickly he tore my panties off and lay down on top of me. 
"Jeff can learn a bit about how to do it." Niall mumbled. I felt how he parted my legs and he tried to kiss me. 
"No!" I almost screamed and I resisted. Niall became more rough and he grabbed my wrists. He pulled up my hands over my head and looked straight at me. 
"You should just obey." 
He penetrated. I screamed and I tried to do more resistance. Niall didn't care and he was stronger than me. I finally gave up and I felt how he moved quickly on the body over me. He pushed in and out. 
"Gays can learn a little from this." he groaned and looked at Jeff. "Here's the way to do it."
"She wont like that!" I heard Jeff say. "You rapes her and that's not even correct. You use violence." 
Niall stopped and I could feel his whole body stiffened. 
"You're gay?" 
Jeff chose not to hold back the words. 
"If I remember it correctly, it only sex if both want."
Niall released me and stood up on the floor. I saw at him that he hesitated, but he was pissed. 
"Shut up, otherwise you'll die!" 
I was somehow at Jeff that he understood that he knew that Sam was already dead. 
"And? What should you do then?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"I said I'll ..." 
Jeff didn't seem to care if he made Niall upset. 
"Yes, you are going to kill me. Kill me then so that you get it done?"
I was surprised when Niall just stood there and stared at him. I sat up and hesitated. Jeff gulped and stood up too. 
"Come on!" 
Niall backed off a few steps and quickly shook his head. 
"No, I'll kill you when I want to kill you." 
Jeff smirked. 
"You're just a fucking wimp. You think you're so damn tough, but you're just a wimpy guy who use violence to feel good!" 
I saw that Niall hadn't the knife. I realized that it was in the bedroom. The idea struck me to retrieve the knife, but the risk was that Niall would take it away from me. 
"Come on and kill." Jeff continued. "You can only kill once."


I chose an easy way out. I crept to the bedroom and I saw the knife lying on the floor. I chose not to look at Sam's body and I picked it up. I had no plan and I turned around. Niall stood there and he had dropped his chin total. He just stared at Jeff, who in turn smirked. 
"You can't kill?" 
I gulped and went against them. I hesitated, but decided to take the knife and release Jeff. Niall was startled and backed again. Jeff smiled gratefully at me. 
"Thank you, love!" 
I gave him the knife. 
"I can't kill." I whispered. "I can't even kill Niall."
I don't know what happened. I just remember screaming, fighting, and I ran naked out from the cottage. I sat in the car and locked all the doors. I swallowed and closed my eyes. I shut out the world and I was hoping Niall wouldn't be the one that came out of the house.

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