the london fire

The year is 1666. John Smithinson lives in London, where he finally gets his crush to go out with him, but when his fatehr and mother dies in a fire, the only thing that can keep him happy and from going insane is his girlfriend. But when she dumps him, he goes insane and sets the city on fire. Will his friends be able to stop him before he burns the city down.


1. Getting a Heart Breaker



              Johnny walked to the girl on the other side of the street. As he got closer to the well known witch, his heart started to beat faster. Every wizard and witch he had talked to said that she was a heart breaker. Every person she had went out with had been dumped quickly and deadly with precision. She had a sixth sense that told her just when to dump them to make them hurt the most. For some reason though, John didn't think that it would happen to him. As Elizabeth saw him coming, John let confidence take over him. His head, with black long hair, shot upward.Elizabeth gave a small giggle as she turned her head away from him, the bright red hair going with her. His step faltered as he heard the giggle. He had always loved the sound of her sweet voice, but he thought her giggle sounded even more beautiful. He didn't notice he had stopped walking completely as a police officer on horse back yelled at him to get out of the way. That got even more giggles to come out of Elizabeth. John looked at her an gave her an awkward smile. After sticking his fears back in his stomach, he walked over and leaned against the horse stable for the police. Elizabeth was usually around hear because her muggle dad worked here. "Hey Elizabeth," he said coolly, trying to make himself look good. "Hey John," she said. John watched her lips move with every word. He couldn't help it any longer. "Willyougooutonadatewithme?" he blurted, mixing the words together. "Wait a minute," she responded. There she went. He knew she was going to deny him. He felt like he had just been hit by a million stupifies at once. "What did you say?" she asked. John quickly calmed down. She just didn't hear him in the jumble that came out of his mouth.Slowly, John said,"Will you go out with me?" "Sure, why not," she answered. "How about you pick me up later and take me out to dinner, and we will see where it goes,". John answered with the speed of a spell coming out of his wand. "Okay, see you then," John said and walked back over to his two best friends, Zachary and Scott. He flashed them a thumbs up sign, showing that it had went well. He had got a date with the hottest girl their age.

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