That 1 Song.


7. Chapter 5-Rejected.

Courtney's p.o.v

I sat on my bed and it came to me that I wanted to see Luke but not the boys. Last night was a little dirty. But why was Ashton so mad? Maybe he hea- "She looks so perfect standing there with my ameRican apperal old underwear." I picked up my phone and saw it was Luke calling me. "Hey." "Hi Luke..." "The boys heard us last night." "Us? Luke it was me. I was the only one moaning." "But I made you.." "Im really sorry." "They aren't talking to me. They only make bad comments. Like when I went to get breakfast. Callum's like "Your 17, your too young to go that far. Besides you guys aren't even dating." Then it clicked to me. We aren't even dating. That's why I was crying!! "My emotions sensed that I was sad because of Ashton making a big deal out of it. It's because we aren't dating so I got sad and then I started crying...that's why." "You were crying!?" "Oh, I said that out loud?" "Yeh. Look come over now." "My older shit thing (brother) gave me a lift home and he's angry." "Climb out your window and I'll be there in 5." "Okay." Luke hung up and I got nervous. I got my bag and put some clothes in it, my laptop, my phones in my pocket and I got my favourite movie. The conjuring. XD I jumped out of my window and saw Luke's Car. I hoped in, into the passengers seat. "I'm so sorry. Luke, I didn't mean for conflict to approach in you boys." "No, no don't be sorry."

He finally got to his house 5 mins later. I walked in with Luke. Everyone stared. Tears dripped 1 by 1 down my cheeks. I quickly ran to Luke's room. I put my bag down on the floor and layed on his bed voices and footsteps com towards the door. My tears came down faster. The door opens fast and Michael comes and sits next to me on the bed. "Courtney don't worry, it's because Ashton heard the moaning and he's not happy. And this morning he wasn't happy because you were still here." That. Moment Ashton walks through the door. "Courtney, can I see you please." WHY DID I SAY OKAY TO COMING OVER!!? "Sure."

I walked with Ashton. I saw Luke in tears. My heart started to beat faster. I ditched Ashton and went to Luke. "Oh my god. Are you okay sweetie." "No. I made you get in trouble." "But last night you did a great job at pleasing me." Luke chuckled and I rubbed his back with one hand and my other on his leg. "Stop crying please Luke. I deserve it. I was loud... Babe please." "I'll only be happy if you answer this?" "Answer what?" "This." Luke hands me a little ring box kinda box and a note. I looked at him and his eyes eyed me to open it. I opened the note and the box.

The note red:

"Courtney. I know. I'm new to this school and you've only known me for a few days but please. Will you date me?" I looked at the box and it had a necklace with my name on it. I gave Luke a massive warm hug. "Yes." "Really?" "Luke. At first I hated you. And the boys but over those few days. I fell with feelings." I kissed Luke but then Ashton called my name. "1 minute babe." I Removed my body from Luke and made my way over to Ashton. We went into his room. "I'm sorry, I was loud. I know. I didn't pay attention to how my ... Moaning could affect you and your sleep. In sorry. Hurry up and slap me." "I'm not slapping you. Thanks for your apology though." Ashton hugged me. "No, seriously. I'm sorry." I look down at my feet. "And seriously, I forgive you. Pleaseeee let me sleep next time. Or make it quiet." He winks at me and begs. "I promise." I hugged Ashton once more. I went out of his room and tried to find Luke. I walked into his room and there he was. My right hand lands on his shoulder that makes like jump slightly. He turns around. "Heyyyy baby cakes." He laughs. "Heyyyy sexy baby cakes." I kissed Luke's soft lips. I can't believe what's happened.

1. I hated them.

2. I went to there house with My Bestfriend.

3. I kissed Luke for a dare.

4. He ended up liking me.

5. We became friends with benifits. ;)

6. We kinda had sex but not sex...?

7. He asks me out.

I never thought this would happen. Luke kissed back. He put his hands on my cheeks and passhionetly kisses me.

Luke's p.o.v

I cupped her face and kissed her passionately. "I'm gonna get changed?" "Okay." I replied. I kissed her cheek and walked out of the room. "Hey luke!" Calum shouts as we walks up to me. "Do you and Courtney, want to come to bounce with us?" "Um, I say yes, but I'll ask Courtney." "Okay." I walk to my room and knock on the door. "Courtney." I say as I walk in. She was wearing a tight white crop tee, white socks and black converses with black leggings.

"Put the rest of your clothes in the empty draw there." I told her and she did. "Do you want to come to Bounce with the boys and I?" "Yes please!" She comes up to me and jumped on me. With her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck like she was 4. She pecked me lips. But when I tried kissing her she moved back. She smiled and gave a giggle. "Kisssss me." I begged. "Nope!" She pecked my lips again. And giggled more. "Fine." I dropped her onto the bed and walked out. Not shutting the door. I heard someone running behind me which was probably Courtney. She jumped on my back and kisses me cheek and neck. I was giving her a piggy back ride I guess. I dropped her on the ground. (On her feet) and turned around. "Can you kiss me now?" "As you wish." She kisses me gently. "I'll be back in a second, have to pack my bag." "Don't bring a jacket." "Why?" "Just don't." If it rains, I want to give her my jacket. Like a true gentlemen.

Courtney's p.o.v

I put pads and tampons in my bag just in case. Im not on my period but never know. I took my laptop out and gently put it on the bed. I also put my purse in there aswell. And my phone was in my hand. I turned off the light and walked out the door. The boys were sitting on the couch. I managed to squeeze in next to Michael and Luke. "Ready beautiful." Luke kisses my ear and whispers in it. "Yup." I said popping the 'p' and kissing his cheek. "Okay, okay, okay. NO making out when we are at Bounce PLEASE." Ashton begged. I giggled and Luke chuckled. "sure." Luke and I said it at the same time. "Okay ready?" Calum said. We all agreed and hoped into Michaels car. Michael drove obviously.

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