Warrior Cats RPG

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a clan from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? Well now you can!!!! Put down a profile of your cat and we can make clans of our own as well as rouges, loners, as well as Kittypets (house cats)!!!!


1. Make a Cat!!!!

       Want to make a warrior cat??? Now you can!!!! Please put down this information:


               Age (in moons or months):



               Clan, Rouge, Loner, or Kittypet:

               Mate? Crush?:



       Here is my example:

             Name: Nightsong

             Age: 13 moons

             Apperence: A dark gray with frost blue eyes, also a white front right paw, has a scar across her right flank (shoulder)

             Gender: Female (She-Cat)


             Wants to have a family, but doesn't know who she likes.

             Personality: Kind, sweet, bubbly, outgoing, able to bounce into battle

             Background: There was an attack when she 5 moons old, a fox attack, she fought against one of the smaller foxes. She was given a scar across her right flank. After that, she had became scared from the slightest shake in the bushes when she was an Apprentice. She grew older and became a Warrior. She had always wanted a family because of both of her parents were killed by a Fox.

       Please put this down in the comments, and I will write the history, code, and dictionary of the words later in this movella.

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