My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


1. Chapter one My story so far

My name is Tristan Roland I was an artist. On 12th July 2012, I opened my first show in The Nation portrait Gallery . I was wearing a black and white suit and I was drinking some white wine. I was talking to Ruby McGee and she was one of the rich people who love my paintings. She smirked at me and she places her on my chest. She whispered in my ear and she asked with a soft voice.


'So Tristan you should sell me one of pieces?'

She smiled and she step back, while she raised her glass. I was confused with her I asked her, 'Which one?'

She pointed crossed the hall and she beamed at me,

'That one, that painting with the girl who is wearing a white dress!' I looked at my painting and I put my hand over it. 'Her, how dare she point and buy Lily', said in my head. Everyone went silent and they looked at us, with shocking faces. Ruby laughed and she stepped forward to me and she smirked,

'Why not, why this is so important, is she real?'


My throat was dry and my hands shaken. Lily was not real, she was just a person in my dream and my drawing that I drew since secondary school. I love her, even thought she did not exist. I could not let anyone have her, especially Ruby. I took a deep breath, No she is not for sale security please kick out her out!'. The security grabbed her and they took her out. She yelled,

'I will get you back!'


Next day I was in my room and I was looking at sketches of Lily. Lily had long dark hair and blue eyes like Sapphire. I always draw her wearing the white lace dress. I smiled and I drew another picture of her in a different dress, an evening dress and her hair tie up and I drew me as well. Slowly I drew the background of my own first show last night. I imagined being with her in my first show.


'I wish you were there Lily and I will show Ruby no one can buy you, I remember the first time that we met in my dreams. It was on 27th September 2007 and it was cold night and I felt asleep after studying a pop quiz for history'. I stroked the picture of Lily and I smiled softly and I kissed on the paper. 'The first time we met, was when you smiled and dancing in the lake'.


I was running through my memories of Lily. She was tall, elegant and she wore a lace dress and she smile at me. She dance graceful and slowly, then she came closer to me and she reached my hands and she swing me around. I stopped I said, 'Who are you?'. She put her hand and she smile at me like a smiling child.' I am Lily and your name ?' I shake her hand and I spoken, ' My name is Tristan'. In that dream I never forget her and when I was sleeping, I always dream about her in different types of adventures. She was my dream girl, my only dream girl. ,


On the weekend my mum invited me to a beautiful French restaurant, the food was great I had pastel and she has some salmon streak. The thing with my mum, she is a bit strange and she always talks about my future. I wonder what it is this time. 

'Son I think you should go on a blind date', she suggested to me. 

'What?' My jaw dropped and I looked at her funny. I laughed, 'you're joking right?'

'I am being serious, soon you need to get marry and have kids. So I will arrange a blind date for you.'


I stood up and I shouted at her , 'No, I am not going to a blind date, or any kind of date. I am not ready for them!' I put my fork and storm the restaurant. Everyone was shocked and they looked at each other. My mum was angry and upset what has happened. I went to my car and I call my friend Ben. I demand him, 'I need a drink now!'

'Hi Tristan, you could have said hi, what's wrong?'

'My mum, I am sorry I mean hi can you please take me out?'

'Alright then let's go to Mue's Bar at eight o'clock'.



I looked at the restaurant and I moved my car, why did my mum ask me go on a blind date. She suggested to me that I should get marry and have kids. I love one woman in my life which is sad, because she does not exist.

I stopped the car and I met up with Ben. I looked at Ben and he was wearing a blue T-shirt and he wore some jeans. He looked at me innocently and he asked, 'What?'

'Never mind', I sighed.

Ben, seriously he could just wear a blazer, because we are going to a nice bar. The bar has sliver lights and purple curtains. The music was jazz and they have great food. This place proper posh here and he wears that, then Ben punched my shoulder.


'Ow!' I yelled him.

'Stop complaining I wear this because everything is in the laundry. Anyway downstairs has a disco as well, so we will go with Hannah and her friends later '.

'Hannah, you did not tell me she was coming', I felt uncomfortable, because I was annoyed with my mum and Hannah is my friend Ben's crush. He like her so much and he never had the courage to confess for her over two years. I am slightly worried about him, he should confess her by now.


'Hannah, you haven't told her, have you, about your feelings?' I asked him and I gave him a weird look. He puts his head down and he said, 'no, I think I need a drink as well'. Ben and I ordered some beers and we discussed about our problems.

'My mum want me to go on a blind date , can't you believe that?'

Ben burst out of laugher and he asked me, 'Then what happened?'

'Well I stormed out and I shouted at her.'

Ben was looking at me with a disappointment face and he said to me, 'You shouldn't have done that. I agree with your mum, you should do it'. Ben puts his arm around my shoulder, he advised me, 'Look I known you since secondary school, college and university and I know a fact you still have feelings for Lily. You know in reality, the real world..'

'Ben I love her and I care about her, how...'.


He interrupted me, 'I do not care, she does not exist, how long you are going to chase her, my crush exist and I know I need to confess. You need to go out there and have some fun, go on a one blind date, if you don't like it. Tell your mum you can find a real girl by your own'. I stared at him with  a straight face and I said,

You are crazy !'

Ben took another slip his beer and he looked me and he suggested, 'Just do it for your mum's sake, it was a bit harsh that you shouted at her in front those people in the restaurant'. I tapped my beer bottle and I sighed,

'Fine one blind date that it.'

I picked my phone and I call my mum and I looked around I saw Hannah and she was with a couple of her friends. They walked over to us. Ben beamed at her and I looked away.


' Hey mum I am sorry I shouted at you, you are right. I will go one date and see how it goes'.

'Really?', she screamed.

'Yes when do you want to arranged it?' I asked.

'Hmm Next Tuesday, House of Comment at seven o'clock, I make sure to tell her to bring a sign with your name' she screamed of joy . I took a deep breath and I told her I have to go. I cleared that up, just one date, just one date.

Suddenly I heard voice and it sounded like Lily's , 'Are you sure okay with that? she asked. I searched around the room and I asked Ben, 'Did you hear something ?'. He was confused and he pushed both Hannah's friends forward . He introduced them to me. 'This is Betty and Leila, now which one will you choose?'. I mumbled , I was annoyed and I sighed at him , 'This is ridiculous none of them'.

'We aren't good enough for you', Betty hissed. Leila patted on Betty's shoulder and she spoken with a dark voice, 'Don't worry about him... he.'


She burst out laughter , ' We are joking around we are here to dance and Tristan, you maybe good-looking, but you are not our type'. I feel a bit defence what she said and I asked Leila, ' What you mean I am not your type ?.

We danced around disco lights and listen to club music. I moved my arms around and I bumped into a woman. I turned around and I looked down and I saw long dark hair and I slowed looked up. A woman with blue eyes like Sapphire. She did seem not notice and she walked through the crowd. I chased her and I bumped and thumped through the crowds. I was outside and I searched around for her. I asked the people did they saw a girl with black hair and blue eyes. They said no, so I kept on looking for her. Did I saw Lily in life, could not be she does not exist. Maybe I have been drinking too much. I looked for her. Ben grabbed my arms and he pulled me back.

He advised, 'I think you had enough , hey Hannah do you need a lift as well ?'

Leila pushed Hannah and she declared, 'Of course she need one, I go with Betty'. Ben puts over my shoulder and he carried me to his car. Hannah walked behind us and she asked, 'Ben do you any need help ?'. Ben moved forward and he asked,

'Can please you open the car door for me so I can put Tristan in ?'. She opened the door and she accidentally hit me, on my leg.' Sorry Tristan.'

'Hey Hannah ow, watch it !' Hannah was surprised at me and Ben smile softly,

'Don't take personally he is a bit tipsy.' She sighed and she helped me in the car,

'I know.' Hannah looked at me and she smiled at Ben,

'We should dropped Tristan off first.' He smiled for agreement and he moved on the right side . They dropped me at my door and he took my keys out my pocket. They carried me to my bed and they both were down the stairs.


Ben looked around Tristan's living room. He sat on the sofa and he patted on it, to suggested Hannah to sit down with him.


'Are sure Tristan doesn't mind?' Ben puts his arm on the sofa.

He said ,'I used to lived here first and he was my room mate.'

She sat down and she asked, 'Really and you guys know each other so long, is there still some of your stuff here ?' Ben got up and he went into the kitchen. He poured glasses of water for her and him. He picked one of glasses to her and he showed her his room next to the living room.

In his room was huge, with a light blue shelf with books, models of planes and photos of landscapes. She excited about one of the photos that she recognised one of the photos. A picture of a lake with plants and stones. She pointed the photo, 'I remember you, me and Tristan went there together'. He picked the photo and he said,

'yeah that is right.'


Tristan saw Lily there in the dream'. She puzzled at Ben and she said with a sad voice,

'he still love her, such a shame she doesn't exist'. Ben patted on her shoulder and he looked at her softly, 'Don't worry I will make Tristan go on dates. '. She puts her hand Ben's shoulder. She looked at a photos of her, Tristan and Ben. She said,

' I hope he found someone soon'.

Ben slowly his hand forward and he held Hannah hands,

'For a long time I have feelings for you.'

Hannah was shocked and she was feeling uncomfortable. She pushed his hands back and she took a deep breath. Ben suggested,

'Be honest with me it is okay you don't.'

She felt relief when he said that. 'Well, to be honest with you. I never fell love with someone or date someone. I don't understand what is love is, but my heart can't help beaten faster when I am with him and my voice disappears. I hide my feelings so well.

'Ben stopped and he was angry at her.

'Who is it ?'

'I have feelings for Tristan, our friend.'

Ben took a step back and his hand turned into a fist.

'Now Ben please don't be mad of Tristan' His eyebrows went narrow and tears were about to fall.'Leave now !'


She stepped forward and she gently touched him.

'Ben please calm down.'

He pushed her hand away and he turned his back towards her,

'please leave Hannah.' She puts her head and she walked away with tears running down her face. As Ben looked down on the floor, slowly he crawls on the sofa to go sleep.

When I was dreaming I was at Lily's lake where we first met. I searched around her, looked about the trees,bushes and rocks. Then I felt something, pulling toward me and slowly she appeared.


'Hello Tristan it has been a long time that we seen each other, how are things ?'

She sat down on the grass and she pat on it, 'Sit down beside of me'. I sat down with her and then I laid down. I looked up the sky and I turned my head towards her. She smiled at him softly, wrapped up her legs and she placed her head on it. 'Well a lot things has happened, now I had my first show and I am working for a children nursery playground. 'She showed her face with excitement and she praised him.

'That's good, my life has always been the same here.'

I sat up and he stared at her.' What you mean by, when I wake up, do you disappear in the dream world?'. She got up and she cleaned of the dirt of her dress. 'Let's go to your first art show'.


The whole forest disappear and there was golden lights appeared, on the wall shows my painting and people wore dresses and suits. The music was jazz music and there was food were chicken, prawns and sandwiches. Lily wore a black dress that was short at the front and long at the back and her hair tied in a bun. I was shocked and he looked around he was wear black and white suit. The same suit that he wore the first show.

'Lily how do you know what my first show look like?'

She stepped to me and she gave me a mischief smile, ' I don't know dream has so many ambition and talent just like yours.' She went towards my painting of her. She admired her natural beauty. I stood next her and I bended down at the same height as her. 'Do you like it, it is you ?' She gazed at the painting and she smiled with a nod,

'I do like it, however you can only see me in your dream.' I placed my hand on her shoulder,

' Oh Lily...I .'

She interrupted him and she placed her finger on my lips.

'Dreams has many abilities, such as they can read your minds, give ideas, give you an answer, consult your real feelings, give people to have freewill control their own dreams and to be in someone dreams.'

She puts her finger down and she covered her face with hair. I stepped back and pushed her hair away. Her face changed slowly to Ruby's face.

'Your dreams can tell you the future.'

I woke up and I touched his chest. My heart was beater quicker and painful. I stepped back and looked the painting of Lily. I touched the painting and I turned my fist.


'Lily then what does ours dreams give you the ability to do?'. I smirk, looking down and I lifted his head. I chucked at himself. 'I am impressed Lily the first time you scared me, I wonder what you will do next to surprise me ?' I went to the bathroom and he was looking at mirror. I was washing my face and I stared down the sink. I took a deep breath and he opened the encampment. I picked my tooth-brush and he closed it. I saw Ben and he was angry at me.


'Ben what are you doing here?!'

Ben stepped to closer to him, 'Me, I used to live here! He swung a punch at me. I spatter the tooth-brush out of my mouth. I wiped my blood off my mouth and I was confused,

'Why did you punch me for ?!'

Ben pointed at me, 'it is your fault Hannah has feelings for you and you made her fall for you. I shouldn't met her first, so she wouldn't fall you !'

I stepped forward to Ben to comforted him. Ben pushed me and he ran downstairs. I chased him after him out his front door. Ben took his car.

'Ben, he is crazy, my fault?!' I closed the door and I slapped on my forehead, 'Hannah likes me not Ben, what happened?'


I was looking at my memories in 1998 and it was spring time, I met Hannah in my art class and she was a new student. She smiled at me and we hanged out a few times and later I introduced Ben to her. He was in love first sign, for him. She was different from Lily and she was sweet and caring. Every men want her, she was a goddess , but I did not see her that way from her.

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