My someone (a trevor Moran fanfic)

Hannah goes to digifest one year and is surprised by the one and only Trevor Moran. Will this moment last for one song, or will it last a hole relationship for the two young artists.


1. Digifest

     My first digifest finally approached on the late afternoon of May fourth. Digifest UK. I was super excited to belt out the lyrics to Trevor morans "someone" and "the Dark Side." I walked to the car and my mom drove me and my friend Sarah to the fest. 

       We took our seats in the front and waited as people filled the seats around us. Soon the lights dimmed and o2l walked out. The crowd erupted.


Music began to play and fans stood up to dance along with the crazy youtubers. I was jamming out not caring what others thought of me. At one moment Trevor looked down a me and smiled. I blushed. He held out a hand to me. "Come on." He winked  and pulled me on stage. "You sing?" He asked. I smiled. "A little." I replied. 


The tune for "someone" blasted and Trevor began to sing. He looked at me in the second verse as i sang along. 


Fans screamed as the time eventually ended. 


"I give you HANNAH DE CHALAIS!" (De-SHA-lay) Trevor held up my hand smiling at me.

He followed me off stage and grabbed my shoulder. "Your amazing." He said. 

"I'm not too good." I laughed. 


"No, your seriously amazing. Your voice is just, beautiful." He smiled.


"thanks." I blushed. 

"Come on tour with us." He asked. 


"What?" My eyes widened.

"come on tour with us! The fans love you." 


"I couldn't.... I'm not that famous."


"but you'll be with me..."


"I guess I could." I looked up at him.

wow he towered over me...


"great." He took my hand and we walked with the rest of the crew outside.


i was going on tour with Trevor. My inspiration for everything I do.

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