What was once a lovable stuffed animal turned into a vicious, brutal and mean stuffed animal...


1. The Attack

This really happened on a bus ride back home from school, and 'Logan' gave me the new name of Carl instead of little Joey...


The wind is strong enough to push me back as I walk out the school doors, on my way towards the bus (Dial-a-Ride). I reach the bus doors and their closed, so I knock on them. They fly open and I place my feet on the steps. I walk in to find my friend Marlee saving a seat next to me. She's talking to Autumn in the seat behind her. Everyone looks at me all of a sudden and I realize their not looking at me. I spin myself around and see Logan. He's laughing and walks right past me. He sits in the open seat across the aisle from Marlee. I walk over to logan's seat and he moves over to the window side. I place my bag hanging off the head rester on the back of the seat in front of me. I sit myself down and realize I'm still holding 'little Joey' in my hand. Logan looks at me and raises his eye brows. I raise 'Little Joey' up and place it into Logan's cupped hands. He gives a little laugh.

"I got him from a friend earlier today." I say with a little laugh. He smirks and tosses it around.

"Be careful with my 'Son'" I say, making sure I put son in quotations.

"Okay," He says laughing. "I'll make sure to take care of 'Your Son'." He says, also putting it in quotations. I laugh and reach for Little Joey but he pulls his hands away so I can't reach. I laugh a little laugh and give him the serious look. I jump up and snatch Little Joey from Logan's hands. He gives me the pouty face look and I flip him off. He starts to laugh and begins to talk.

"Look at your little Llama fingers!" He says laughing. I can barely make out the words until he says them again. I laugh trying to have fun until I wasn't thinking. Little Joey slips from my in motion hand that is aiming right towards Logan. It fly's through the air and hits logan right in the eye. He leans over and cups his hand over his eye. I cover my mouth with my hands but still can't fight the urge to laugh. He gives a small laugh and releases his cupped hands. He looks up towards me and I release a gasp I didn't know I was holding in. I look down at the clearly swept bus floor and see carl laying innocently on the ground by my feet. I lean down and pick him up with Logan watching me. I have Little Joey in my grasp and I bring him up to my chest. Logan reaches up towards his eye and I notice theirs already a bruise/mark from what had to have been the eye of little Joey. I let out a laugh and logan looks at me with the 'fuck off' look. I raise my hand and touch the red mark under his eye and he flinches. 

"I'm sorry he did that..." I try to say, but he cuts me off.

"Carl is a jack ass -"

"His name is little Joey..." I say with my eyes squinted. 

"Well... it should be Carl."

"But I want it to be - you know what, fine... his name is Carl..." I say being loud, but not too loud. He smiles and raises his hand to what looks like a high five, but he just wants 'Carl'. I hand Carl over to Logan not expecting anything bad to happen, But as soon as he has Carl into his reach, he throws him across the bus. We're sitting in the third seat to the back, and he threw it up towards the bus driver. I give him a look and he begins to laugh. I get up and make my way to the front just as the bus begins to move forward, and I grab 'Carl'. I began to walk down the aisle to my seat and find Logan's legs spread across my side of the seat. I put 'Carl' into my bag before pushing Logan's feet off my side of the seat. I sit myself down and have a good time the rest of the bus ride. :)

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