Guitars, Postcards and Love || N.H

Ally and Niall knew. They understood the struggle they'd put in just to see each other for a few special moments, when they first met. Memories were all they had to comfort them while they were apart. That and postcards. There are only so many ways to reconnect and remember the love they shared. For Niall and Ally it's Guitars, Postcards and Love.


1. Prologue | Characters | Copyright



   The art of understanding is accepting. I accepted. I wasn't the same person I was last year. Things had changed, people had changed and I was now happily living the way appreciated. I couldn't, nor would I let them effect me any longer. I hummed in concentration, squinting my eyes as I thought carefully. Which guitar should I buy? I looked through them all but the light wooded, acoustic guitar at the end of the row caught me eye. It was like instantly falling love although I was sure love at first sight couldn't be possible. How can you meet somebody and right away, tell them you love them? I hurried towards the guitar, reaching for the neck but at the same time, a guy from around the corner reached for it, our hands pressed together. I forwarded my eyebrows, looking back. If I believed in love and first sight, I believe this is what it would feel like. Our hands awkwardly fell from the neck as I smiled, my cheeks reddening.

   "Uh...I'm sorry." I apologized awkwardly. He smiled, nodding as he lifted the guitar from it's stand, holding it out to me.

   "Do you know how to play?" He asked and his thick Irish accent shocked me. I shook my head embarrassed, my cheeks tinting even further. It made no sense to buy a guitar while you didn't know to play but that's my reason. I could learn. It would take several five minute, youtube videos but isn't that how everybody learns now-a-days? 

   "I could teach you? I love playing the guitar! I've been practicing since I was a wee boy!" He smiled, chuckling slightly. His nervousness was adorable and I found myself nodding my head a little to excitedly. I didn't know who he was and what his name was but I was happy I'd be seeing him a second time.

   "Well, I have plenty of guitars so, you take this one!" He smiled, pushing it into my arms. I finally snapped back into reality, nodding foolishly as I held it by the neck, gently setting the base against the ground.

   "Uh, thanks! So, where should I meet you?" I asked, hoping he still wanted to. I had a quality that seemed to turn some of the best things into embarrassing, or sad stories. He replied with either his house or mine and considering I had no clue as to who he was, I decided mine was the best. We agreed, exchanging numbers at the counter where I currently bought the guitar.

   Once I finished, we walked towards the exit together, laughing and talking.

   "Well, I'll see you...?" I paused, indicating I wanted to know when he would come over.

   "How about tonight?" He asked as I smiled in agreement.

   "I'll message you my address! Bye!" I smiled, as he replied with a bye. I walked out of the store, the air warm against my skin. Not love at first sight. Impossible but whatever it was, this feeling was pretty amazing. I looked down at the ground, watching as my sandals flopped up and down against the ground.

   "Wait!" I heard his voice yell as I froze, turning around to meet his taller structure.


   "What's your name?" He asked, gasping for any amount of air he could accumulate.

   "Ally, you?"

   "Niall. Niall Horan." He smiled.







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