Sherlock version of "Do you want to build a snowman"

Um, this is just something I think of when I saw a picture of little Sherlock knocking Mycroft's door....
Why is Mycroft stay in his room? Because he ate too much cake and get grounded...
(Yep this is something i saw on the Internet. It is just too cute.)
You can say it is a bit Johnlock....?


1. Do you want to play deductions??????

(Knocking: Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock)
Do you want to play deductions?
Some information through the song
I think you need to lose some weight
Come out the door
or getting obesity~
Where does all the crimes gone
Not many left
And Police with low IQs~
Do you want to play deductions?
It doesn't have to be deductions~~~

Piss off, Sherlock

Okay, fine...

Do you want to play deductions?
Or shut the door and getting fat~
All murders are only under 6
I've started talking to the skull with hollow cheek~
(Hang in there, John!)(don't ask me why Sherlock named his skull John.)
It is getting boring
all those stupid crimes,

Just playing the violin-
(*Crazy violin sound*)


Come on I know you in there
People say that I have lied
You say sentiment is useless but
I have to go, to keep John stays alive
Moriaty is getting close now
It is the time
Only one of us can live

Do you want to play deductions?

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