Greatest Wedding Ever.

Wedding of RainbowDashicorn and George Weasley.

Wedding of Skye Luna Everdeen and James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

Credit to Cambie Everdeen and R.D.M. Goldlight.

Details and Wedding in movella.


1. Rainbow's guests


*Gravity WandArrow (waiting for confirmation)

*R.D.M Goldlight (confirmed)

*Ahlaam Nightshade (wfc)

*Delilah Arende (wfc)

*Rose Weasley (confirmed) (my soon to be sister-in-law. I think.)

*Shyviolin (confirmed)

*Bathroom Singer (confirmed)

*SeaweedBrain Shadownight (Confirmed)

*HermioneKatnissTris (confirmed)

*Annabeth Shadownight (confirmed)

*Luna Lovegood

*Ginny Weasley  

*Hermione Granger

and my two amazing sisters, all apart of the Grayglory's;

*Maliksgirl (confirmed)

*Nightstar (waiting for confirmation)



Maids Of Honor

*ILoveEllaEnchanted (waiting for confirmation)

*Cambie Everdeen(confirmed)

*Ahlaam Nightshade (confirmed)

*Prez Cipher (confirmed)

*GIrlie (GirlOfManyFandoms) (waiting for confirmation)


Book-Keeper (you check everyone in, and you sit with the bridesmaids.)

*Raven711 (confirmed.)

Flower Girl

Nightsong (confirmed)

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