Danger: Zombies Inside

This is an apocalyptic period that's started in a small city in the middle of nowhere. No bombs and helicopters to save them. A girl named Amber and her friends try to survive the apocalypse as they start dropping slowly. Will they outlast the undead? Or will they be taken by something else?


1. The Beginning of the End

I let the axe cut the air as it fell, easily piercing the lumber. It cracked and gave a small moan as its halves fell apart. I picked them up easily and threw them in the pile with the rest. I rested a moment, wiping the sweat from my forehead as I glanced up at my twin sister.

Matilda laid on the lawn chair, holding a folded mirror to her face with headphones in her ears. I rolled my eyes, moving back my orange hair from my eyes. Matilda extended her hand and picked up a cold glass of lemonade, smirking at me.

I picked up the axe again, watching as she left and disappeared into the house. I finished my chore and walked inside, glancing at the door. "Hey Matilda, what are ya up too?"

No answer. I moved to the stairs, my hand resting on the wooden rail. "Matilda?"

She walked down the stairs, her blue eyes shining brightly. She grabbed my chin and held it tight, her manicured nails dug into my skin. "I'm write here you little whore. Shut your mouth and go wait outside."

I nodded and moved outside, gasping when I saw a black limo on the street. I smiled, I could see my reflection on the prefect surface. "Are you Matilda?"

I turned to an older man, looking at me disapprovingly. I looked down at my green camouflage pants and ordinary black tank top. Scars ran along my arms, the rest hidden in my clothes. I shook my head at him and pointed to the log cabin.

Matilda stepped out in a revealing black shirt that made her red hair stand out. She wore unreasonably short jeans shorts with a red bag over her shoulder. "Honestly Giorgio! How could you mistake moi for something so hideous!"

They laughed and I could only stand there. I looked back at the limo as a man came from the house, holding dozens of my twins outfits. I watched as they packed them away slowly, and started to climb in.

"Hey wait, where are you going?" I grabbed my sisters hand, hers soft as a clear pond. She yanked her hand from mine, lounging on the large chairs in the back.

"Giorgio, do we need bait?"

He nodded yes silently as they shared a glance.

"Alright Bitch, today is your lucky day." I hesitated outside, looking back at the house. "Climb in you fuck!" I moved quickly and closed the door, sitting as small as I could under their harsh glares.

The ride was silent as Matilda slept contently on the couch, I had been moved to the floor. The driver shot me glances of disgust as the other man sat passenger, looking out the windows. I peeked out the window, watching the country unfold. Trees came and went, small houses stood, some crumbling as they were abandoned long ago.

I furrowed my brows, sitting up taller to see further ahead. Cars, left stranded at the side. Just a few and then more frequent. Some people waved frantically for a ride but the driver ignored them.

"Where are we going?" No one answered me and I moved to Matilda. I shook her awake and asked her again.

She raised her hand to slap me but stopped, a gun shot ringing out. We turned to the front, the silent man had a hand gun as he shot at people running for the car. I turned to the window, watching as a man ran after a woman, tackling her down. I opened the door and ran out, pulling the man off with all my strength.

He turned around, his jaw hinged and his mouth full of blood as he snarled for more, turning on me. I shrieked and glanced at the woman, her neck now resembled shredded paper. I stumbled back and ran for the limo but the car was already driving away. The man pulled the trigger and I covered my head whimpering. Nothing.

I looked behind me, the man now dead on the ground. A bullet through his head as he laid motionless. I stood silently. The woman twitched and got on her feet growling. I wanted to run but I hesitated, watching her smooth skin turn grey before me.

The engine revved as the limo sped away with my sister blowing me kisses in the back. The woman sprinted for the car along with others as they raced, some dead, some alive.

I glanced around at the open field, cars parked along the side as people rushed around to hide or attack. "Well then...at least I found out what 'bait' meant."

I started home along the side of the road as the sun stayed high in the afternoon sky. What other choice did I have?






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