A big girl in a too big city

all a girl for Australia called Indy Hughes wants to do is go have a successful Life in New York .
But does she get caught up with the wrong people in the wrong places with the wrong intentions?
Will this cause her to pack up and leave everything that's she's ever wanted In life?


1. Indy, Indy Hughes

Ever since I can remember I have been a drama queen, performer, imagionator and super duper odd girl. And in Australia there arnt many people like me. I dress differently . I dress more extravagant, I talk more out there it's just the way I am! I don't even know how but that's the way I am and I love it!

I never cared about school. Schools school! All I care about is getting there Getting THERE

There ?

I mean New York .

The snow , the fashion , the people , the food , the scenery how could you not love it. Every since I've been 4 years old New York was my goal. Most peoples was to win school captian or to get an A on there test. But I really couldn't care less! I dedicated every second of my life to working out how I'm going to get there

And finally . all the work, all the dedication , all the research has payed off. Because guess what sister. Me , Indy, Indy Hughes is taking New York! It's my year after finishing senior year and I don't have a job. I've been working ever since I could to save up for New York! In New York I want to become a citizen so I can go to college! My goal is to work for a famous mag in NYC! And I know nothing is going to get in the way of me achieving that! No boys no nothing! I'm riding solo! And I'm better than ever!


Tomrorow ( Monday 2/1/14) I'm leaving for New York ! Today I just spent my whole New Year's Day packing and in the evening I spent it with family! I had got all my packing done and everything! I went to brush my teeth and but on my pjs. I hopped into my bed and set my alarm for 2.30am

My flight was at 4AM and I live only 10 minutes away from the air port!

Of course I had to post a picture of my countdown that said "less than 24 hours till New York " and I wrote the caption "words can't even explain 😍👏 #omg #ahfugkk "

I shut off my phone and forced myself to get to sleep ! I would've looked ridiculous because my eyes were closed but my smile was bigger then it was when I was a little girl on Christmas Eve!

I pictured myself ... Walking down the streets of New York and ...

Then I was off and asleep!

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