Unbounded Souls

The Prophet now owns the world.
Night has fallen on humanity.
Depravity is universal.
And the only ones to fight against it are the Unbounded Souls.


1. Prologue

Good and evil has always warred, in forms not always entirely obvious. The line between the two is not found in on battlefields, in courthouses, or even in churches… they’re found in the soul of the human being. In the soul, the line is drawn, and there are a thousand battles fought every day, keeping us from giving into the baser instincts of our tainted human nature. We strive against ourselves. Some strive harder than others. Some never strive at all, and let the evil overtake and overwhelm them, turning them into creatures of darkness…
But where darkness reigns…
There will always be light.
Where there is evil…
Good will always rise up against it.

In 2067, an evil like nothing the world had ever seen arrived.
It called itself The Prophet – a creature unlike anything ever encountered. Carrying immense power, it targeted global corporations, bargaining with them, gaining influence through political channels. Before long, it had influence even in the daily life of average citizens, monitoring them through state-sanctioned tracking devices implanted at birth known as Marks. They were the key to everything that humanity needed – hunger, thirst, and financial problems desisted for the Marked, for the state and the corporations could provide for everyone who carried the symbol on their skin. Crime became non-existent, and yet still depravity reigned –for in a world where no-one wanted for anything, why strive for moral standards? Why try and progress when everything was already perfect?

But all was not lost.
The Prophet’s power was immense, but its influence was not total. There were still those that fought against its brand of control, tried to raise their children into a world where everything was not as it seemed. Treated as outcasts and persecuted for their backwards beliefs and moral codes, the people were called Souls for their supposed moral superiority and alien beliefs. They lived in secret, surviving through the generosity of other Souls and the scraps that were left of the Marks. Generations wore on, and as time passed, many of the Soul children began developing talents and skills that were completely beyond anything that humanity had heretofore seen. The Prophet, hearing tell of this, started hunting relentlessly for the Unbounded Souls, attempting to corrupt those that he caught. He succeeded in some cases, and failed in others.

It is here that our tale begins.
The year 2085, in Brisbane, Australia…
With a boy named Peter…

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