Danielle Peazer's Twin


1. Danielle Peazer's Twin

Hi, I'm Ashley Elane Peazer, otherwise know as Danielle Peazer's twin. We've always been really close as most twins are. We live together, dance together, basically everything you can think of we do together. We're basically the same. We just have different personalities, like I am kind of shy and she's outgoing, but we're both party girls. Another difference is I am forever single and she is dating Liam Payne. I'll admit he's hot and I used to have a crush on him, but now I see him as a brother and can't even imagine dating him. I really have no interest in dating right now. I just like to focus on my dancing. I feel that once I get a boyfriend everything will change. Even if he's just a regular guy it will still blow up like Danielle and Liam did. It probably won't be as big because my sister's a lot more famous than me, but it will still be pretty big.

It's always been like that though. Danielle is amazing and I love her to death but sometimes I wish I could be the better twin. Everyone likes her better than me. I've never actually been just Ashley, I'm always Ashley Danielle's twin or Ashley the dancer. It sucks sometimes but I'll never tell her. One thing Dani can not handle is confrontation. She's very sensitive so she'd probably cry or scream at me which would cause me to cry. I actually enjoy my life so I feel I shouldn't go messing anything up. I like how everything is right now but I guess I'm waiting for that one guy that sees me as just Ashley. I'll just be lucky if he comes before I'm 40.

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