1. loneliness

there is this burden
hanging over my head
the fear sucking the life out of me
the lifeless form that i'm becoming
the body seems intact 
yet i think i might be losing my mind
the sadness is constantly present around
the expectations from the ones who does not matter at all
are confusing me to a point where i don't know who I am anymore
I was the one who had an aim
I was the one who went after what I craved
now I feel lost
in the world where people don't know me at all
where they are not the ones who I want to be around
there are only a few of them still out there
the ones who might get me
but they are too far away
i'm reaching yet I can't get them 
i'm screaming yet I'm not heard
the silence is deafening
I once wanted to be the one who mattered
I once thought I might just prove everyone wrong
but I don't think I have the strenght to fight all of the battles on my own


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