I Would Say it if You'd Let Me

This book is inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Why does Abril always zip her lips before the words can escape and defend her?


1. Zip


     I was walking home from school listening to my music .  Thinking of all the things I wish I had said today, but had zipped my lips before the words could escape.  'Maybe Jenna would leave me alone if I could stand up for my self...  No I'd never be able to do it.  Even if I did get up the nerve to talk I would probably just say something stupid and give her something else to make fun of me for. I thought To myself.
I walked up the front steps to my house and tried to turn the brass door nob, but it was locked. "Mums not home." I wispered, and grabbed the spare key from the slot my dad had made under the flower pot for the key ."Every robber looks under the mat, but nobody would think to look under the flower pot!" My Dad had exclaimed one night at the dinner table a little while after one of our neighbors houses had been robbed.  That was before he got his new job, now he travels so much for his work that I barely gets to see him.
I slipped of my shoes and ran upstairs throwing my bag behind my bedroom door. I grabbed my diary from under my pillow and my book from my dresser table.  I went out the back door and down to the river behind my house.  I walked along the river untill I came to my favorite spot, a little area where trees surround the river, where I can be hidden from the world.




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