Sad, Perhaps

Melody Andrews- a passive-aggressive straight A student with an obsession with books, TV shows, and of course, a boy. No one thinks she could ever fall in love, but her friends know better. And they have a plan.

Dean Cooper- the class clown, and has incredible luck with the ladies. No, he's not the most popular guy, but he isn't some loser or anything. He's not stupid, either. He's completely normal... That is, until Melody came along.

-For A Great Friend-


1. Melody

"Melody," Gwen called, reading from the Popsicle stick with my name on it. Gwen was one of my great friends, but sometimes she could be just downright devilish. We had Algebra 2 together, only because we were some of the smartest sophomores in the school. We had both taken algebra 1 in 8th grade, and our school selected a handful of kids who got perfect scores on the exam to be bumped up a grade. Luckily, my friends had all gotten moved up with me, but Erin and Tom had been put in a different schedule than us. I sighed. When your Popsicle stick got called, then you had to go up to the board and answer the problem. Elementary stuff. But, in algebra 2, you could easily spend 10 minutes up at the board trying to figure out the problem. Luckily, I had gotten an easier one.

I glared at Gwen as I got up and took a marker from our teacher, Mr. Bush. He gave me a slight nod, mostly because for the better part of the students in my class this was a hard problem. I quickly made the right equations, explaining them as I wrote them down, and finished in about 3 minutes flat. Everyone clapped, and I saw Gwen in the back doing a dramatic 'fancy British clap'.

And of course, in the corner of my eye I saw dean. Here's the thing about dean, I know I'm obsessed, okay? It's just, he's adorable. And cute. And funny. And he has a pretty face. And he's not a stuck-up jerk, like 90% of boys in this grade. He wasn't clapping, though. He was joking with his friends, not paying the slightest bit of attention to me, or the class. I walked back to my seat, fuming a bit. He didn't even deserve to be in this class if he wasn't going to pay attention... Oh what am I saying. I'd hate for him not to.

"Pull the next stick, Gwen," I heard Mr. Bush say. I heard the slight jingle of the Popsicle sticks against the aluminum can, and a stick being pulled out rapidly.

"It is..... Ame- wait she's not here. Hmm... How about.. Oh it's me! Yay!" She said as she leaped up to the board. She was always either really enthusiastic about things, or completely uninterested. There was no other option with her, really. She easily explained the problem, emitting swagger and confidence that she only had when she was in a good mood. She looked back at me, and strode back to her seat behind me, giving me her infamous wink. I snickered and rolled my eyes. Suddenly, I felt her attention shift. I followed her eyes to where Dean was sitting, looking directly at me. I blinked, and he turned away, blushing. I gave Gwen a confused look, and yet again she winked at me. I blushed furiously and turned back around.


"So we caught him starin at you gurlll ," Gwen said as she shoved half a brownie in her mouth.

"Say what? " said Erin. Erin was a good friend of mine too, but we only saw each other at lunch and in our band class.

"We caught him staring at miss Melody over here, and then he turned away blushing. " said Gwen to Erin, wiggling her eyebrows.

"He doesn't like me. That's crazy. " I said, a tad unsure of myself. This wasn't the first time Id caught him staring at me.

"Now how would you know, hmmm?" Asked Gwen. I play-punched her in the arm as Tom, Erin's boyfriend, said completely uninterested, not to fight with each other. We rolled our eyes and Gwen took one of my pretzels, her favorite snack.

"I bet he does. Gwen, I'll text you later, okay?" Said Erin. Gwen nodded and winked at me again. I snickered and we finished our lunch, and went onto our next class.

The rest of my day was thinking about if Dean actually might possible maybe a little bit like me. Maybe. But he probably didn't, I mean that's crazy. He wouldn't like a girl like me. But he did seem shy and awkward whenever we talked, like he might at least have a few butterflies. I fell asleep with these thoughts on my mind, and dreamt of him.

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