Get Your Revenge Again

The tribute to our other movella "get you're revenge". Unfortunately that got deleted so enjoy this story by FantasyRulez��, EmmySugarPlum and Rose Weasley.


1. We're Back!

      It was a normal day at Hogwarts, everyone enjoying the absence of the Torturers. It was lunchtime, the time where everyone filled themselves with food to prepare for afternoon classes. Nobody was expecting what was about to happen.


    The doors banged open, lightning flashing behind them even though it was a sunny day. ''We're back!'' yelled the three girls standing before them. Most panicked in fear, trying to run out of the Great Hall to escape, mainly the ones who get called up most, shrieking in fear.    The three just laughed as they made their way to the front of the hall. They thought ahead and charmed the doors so nobody could leave the Great Hall. That was Sugar's idea. And, boy, did it work!

    ''Attention everyone. Please calm down. I know you thought we died or something, but we're fine. We have fans here that we like to please you know. Harry, Draco, stop your crying! We're not going to kill you!'' Sugar started. 

    ''Anyways, we're back! Be happy! Maybe we won't torture you as much. Maybe we will TORTURE YOU MORE!'' The trio broke into evil laughter.



    "Well,well,well I see you're all very excited to see us back."said Fantasy." We did find a group of dragons on the day we disappeared but,and thank god for this, Fantasy here is a special kind of elf and she just happens to be a dragon rider and anyway we were riding her dragon Sanchos and we came across these dragons they were roaring and Fantasy was translating for us." said Rose  "The dragons were outraged that a dragon would allow a worthless human to use it as a pack mule or something or other and it took a lot of explaining from Sanchos but he convinced the dragons that he was treated like a king NOT a pack mule of any kind and then they insisted we stay at their nest and we ended up staying the year. After that Sanchos dropped us off here and after that we came in and after that we told you the story of how we came back and now we are looking at your awe struck faces and am sure you will not displease us in fear of being eaten by Sanchos." said Sugar. ''You have been warned.'' Rose said.

   ''Let's get down to business. We need to wait for requests before we can torture you people.Same rules as last time unless you are new first years, then we will have someone explain it to you. You enjoyed our absence long enough. Good luck to the people who people like to pick on most, and good luck for us, because we are going to be laughing waaay too much.'' Emmy finished off." We'll be off then and don't forget to put you're suggestions in"they all said in unison.   


  Yay! Rose, Sugar, and Fantasy are all here again to torture the citizens of Hogwarts! Feel the joy! Spread it like a fatal disease! Take care!

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