Dirty Dean

Alexandria Petroff, a daring beauty and the daughter of a millionaire. Things seem to be going well for her as she suspiciously attends college in the qualms of San Francisco, that is, until she encounters an unsuspecting man who found her in a less than appropriate manner.

Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc., a world re-known billionaire, and the most eligible bachelor in San Francisco. He should have known the day his old high school buddies showed up in his office and offered one night of drinks, that it wouldn't have turned out pleasantly for him, and was he ever more right. Now he owned a college that he had no time and lack of knowledge for what to do with. But his interest spikes when he strikes a deal with the flame-haired beauty that she can't refuse, literally.

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6. DD 6

"What the hell are you doing here !? "

"This is my office, Ms. Petroff. Sit. "

I walked across the room to stand infront of his desk, without sitting.

"How did you get a job here as the Dean of all things ?"

"It is not only a job, I-"

"Let me guess, you have a passion for running colleges ? Look, that's bullshit. You shouldn't be here, there ar- . . . What have you done with Brian !? Why wasn't he in the classroom when I walked in !? Why-"

I had begun yelling at this point but suddenly this man slammed his hands on the desk, creating a loud booming noise, and stood towering over my small 5'5 frame even from the other side of the desk. I don't know why but suddenly I felt very small in his presence and I couldn't help but look at the ground when he was staring at me so intensely.

"Do not talk over me, understood ?"

"Yes. "

"Good, now sit. "

I took the cushioned seat infront of the desk and kept my gaze averted to the floor.

"Now, to answer your first question, Brian has been removed of his teaching license and is no longer with us here which is why you saw someone else in his place. "

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could he do that Brian ? This job was everything to him and yet he was now stripped of it all.

"W-who are you ?"

"Noah Castell, the owner of this school. "

My eyes widened at the sudden revelation. Oh this was all just going to shit. Now I would be receiving a letter of dismissal. That's what I get for screwing around when I knew my true intentions for attending college wasn't to do that, far from it actually. I heard a brief sigh and heard Noah lower into his seat once again.

"I suppose you're wondering why your here."


"I want you to be mine."

My head shot up in outrage. Be his !? Was he crazy !? He was the reason I was presently single and he wanted me to be his ?

"Not a chance in hell, Mr. Castell."

"It's Noah, for you."

"I don't care what it is. Your insane if your think I'm going to 'be yours' just because you snap your fingers and demand it ! I'd rather marry a toad then be anything to you !"

"Excuse me ?"

"You heard me. I don't know who you think you are but-"

"Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc. and one of the richest billionaires in San Francisco and in all of the U.S. That is who I am, though I doubt you would take the time to read magazines I would be currently issued in considering your pampered upbringing."

"You know nothing about my upbringing."

"Don't I ? The prized daddy's little girl who got anything she wanted ? I have a little sister, I pretty much get it."

"There's a lot more to it than that."

"Well of course every family has their differences, either way you will be agreeing to my terms or else."

"What ? You can't force me to do something that I don't wish to do. I will not agree to anything, I'm taking my leave now."

"Have it your way, I'm sure your father would love to hear of how you get regularly kicked out of your classes or what you spend your free time doing."

"You wouldn't."

"Wouldn't I ?"

"You can't do that, it's blackmail."

"And who do you think will believe you over me ?"

He had me there. If it came to it, and if he is who he says he is, then my word would be nothing compared to his. But I couldn't just accept terms to being someone's property.

"You seem conflicted, let me tell you my terms.", Noah said, looking at me impassively. "1) If I tell you to do something, you will do it without hesitation. 2) You will not see or speak to other men in any suggestive and/or provocative manner while you are with me. 3) When you attend functions with me, which you will on occasion, you will wear what I set aside for you and nothing else. 4) You will not publicly embarrass me, or my family, in any way."

"No no no, are you absurd ? I will not be your mistress ! Nor will I bow down to you or be your current piece of arm candy !"

"You will, or I will make the call, and possibly let the New Jersey tabloids in on a thing or two."

I raised my eyes to look directly into his hard blue ones. He wasn't kidding. My family lived in New Jersey, if they heard news like that I would be on the first flight back there within hours, no matter that I was a 23 year old woman perfectly capable of taking care of herself. The fact that I was in San Francisco with my brother meant nothing. There would be a lame excuse made that he was too busy with the company to look out for me and I would still be shipped off back home, where I would move heaven and earth to not end up again.


"What's that ?"

"Alright, I will accept your terms. But for how long ?"

"Until I tire of you. Now strip."

"What !?"

"I want you naked, now."


"Rule number 1), you will do what I say without hesitation. Did you forget already ?"


"Then get to it."

I slowly rose from the chair and put my fingertips to the ends of my shirt before pulling it over my head in one swoop. Next came my pants which I quickly undid and pushed around my ankles. My feet easily slipped out of the flats I was wearing and I discarded my pants completely. That wasn't as difficult as I pictured it being though I was still too nervous to hold Noah's gaze.


Was he serious ? He wanted me to strip completely in his office ?

"Alexandria, now."

I heard the demand behind his voice and didn't delay any longer. I reached my hands behind me and found the clasps of my bra before undoing it and throwing it to the side. Afterwards I pulled my underwear off and stood uncomfortably with one arm crossed over my chest and the other covering my exposed area. There was a long stretch of silence before Noah finally spoke.

"Come here.", the words were not aggressively spoken and I found myself walking around his desk to stand infront of him. "Uncover yourself and look at me."

I couldn't, I was already embarrassed enough. When I looked up I saw desire in Noah's eyes that had grown a shade darker with a smoldering heat hidden in them. I looked away once I realized that I was intensely attracted to him to, I mean how could I not ? Even the biting feeling of his fingers wrapped around my wrists too tightly were only more of a turn on.

Before another thought could cross my mind, my arms were ripped away from my body and held tightly behind my back. I was pulled closely to Noah, between his legs, as he sat sprawled legged in his chair. Now his mouth was mere inches from my nipples and they instantly hardened at the steady breath that was being blown across them from Noah's breathing. He noticed my body's response and moved until his mouth was mere centimeters from my nipple before he spoke.

"It seems I'm going to have to teach you my rules the hard way."

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