So these two preteens fall in love but... does he like her as much as she likes him?


1. Right or Wrong?

Ok so I have been dating this guy for over a month now and now I'm thinking twice about liking him or even wanting to date him anymore. I mean he isn't the nicest guy to be around he is kind of the class clown and lets just say he is a big pervert its just so disgusting! I thought I liked him but I think I might go ahead and break up with him cause he is a real jerk. But I'm still thinking about it. I mean his sister is just so adorable and he is so nice to her but on the other hand he is a jerk to me and all he does is get into trouble. I mean I know he likes me a lot more than I will ever like him but I don't want to be unhappy anymore. I've been having this feeling of guilt for some reason and I have been wondering why I have had it but now I know that it is the guilt of dating someone you just have no interest in.  Oh I almost forgot to mention that this guy named Daniel really likes me but he lives like 3 hours away I mean I really like him too. He has been urging me to break up with Zack for quite sometime now but I just don't know if its the right thing to do. So I guess my real question is, is it wrong to break up with Zack the guy I have no more interest in for Daniel who is practically my dream boyfriend? 

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