Behind The Mask

All her life Alexandra May felt like her life was perfect, maybe too perfect. Whenever she would get into a fight at school she always got out of trouble quickly, as if someone bribed the principle to let her of easy. Whenever she got a bad grade in a test her mother would serve her blueberry pancakes with a smile, and say, "That's fine dear, now eat up!" As if she didn't care if her daughter failed a grade or not. Now Alexandra is turning 16 and she feels like something isn't right. Like something inside her is telling her this isn't her life. When she catches her mother talking to a strange man that she has never met before, she soon fits the puzzle pieces together and realizes that this isn't her family. What else in her life is a lie? Everything? Is she a lie herself too?


1. Routine of the Fitest

        "Mom! Where are my flats?" I yelled downstairs, as I grabbed my grey Nike sweatshirt out of my walk in closet and slipped it on.

      "They're down here sweetheart, next to the door!" she called back. I looked at the clock, crap I'm going to be late! The clock read 6:52 a.m. and school started at 7:00. I hurried downstairs and saw my usual breakfast, bacon and fried eggs, sitting on the marble surface of the island in the kitchen. I quickly grabbed my school bag and rushed towards the door.

      "Where are you going?" My mother asked, stopping me in my tracks.

      " Don't you want me to go to school?" I asked sarcastically. I turned around, half way through the door, and stared at her serene and amused face. 

       "You're not going anywhere until you eat your breakfast." she said firmly.

      I groaned, slipping my bare feet into my black flats, I'm defiantly going to be late! "Mom I can't eat right now. I have to go now otherwise I'm going to be late and you know how Mr. Walick loves me being late." 

      "You're going to die of malnutrition if you keep skipping breakfast dear. You have time, so just eat your eggs and go." she negotiated, gesturing to my plate on the island.

     I sighed knowing I won't win this argument and sat down. The smell of perfectly cooked fried eggs and bacon made my mouth water. I gulped them down and rushed out the door, saying goodbye to my mom before leaving. I headed down the sidewalk, towards Lakeview High School. It took me about 7 minutes since my feet flew across the pavement. Taking in a deep breathe from running 5 blocks, I climbed the wide, two laned stairs leading to the double doors of the school.

      Lakeview High, in my opinion, isn't as half bad as I thought it would be in the beginning of the semester. If you stand back, it looks like a criminal prison because of the white concrete walls, and minimal amount of windows in the front. The grass in front of the school had already started to yellow from slowly getting colder by the day. Even though it looks intimidating from the outside, the inside of the school was much more friendly. The walls were a relaxing, dark color of blue and the lockers were a shiny grey. Each of the class room's doors were a different color so to me it kind of looked like a daycare.

      I walked to my locker and looked into the small mirror I had put inside of it so I could fix makeup and hair. Once I looked at myself I almost barfed. My long, straight, waist long black hair was stringy and greasy, and dark purple circles hung underneath my eyes. I didn't get much sleep last night so when I finally came round I didn't have time to perfect myself. I groaned as I looked down at the brown leather watch on my wrist and sighed. "7:06" Late again! After trying my best to make myself look presentable, I rushed to my first class, science. 

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