Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


1. 1.

"Are you sure you want to?" Dylan asks me. Am I sure? No. I nod my head, lying. "Its been three years. I want to see her." I reply and he nods his head, while gripping steering wheel making his knuckles go white. I grab the door handle, and open it stepping out in to a cold weather. Welcoming snow, to fall on top of my once dry clothes. I missed this. I look up at her house, and smile sadly. Not the house she was dreaming about for sure. She loves space, freedom. This house however is small, it looks as if it can actually squeeze the oxygen out of your lungs as soon as you'll enter it. I sigh, and take a step forward. Better do it now, than never. I slowly make my way, towards bright red door, with number 77 on it. I raise my fist, and looking behind, at the car finally knock. For a minute, when the door doesn't open, I think she might not be home. But still stay standing still, in front of the house.

Telling myself, to wait a while longer. And finally ,the door opens. Revealing her to me, only now she's holding a toddler in her hands. I smile, and put my hands in my jeans pocket. "You?" she asks me, her smile slowly disappearing. I nod my head. "Though it was time to see you." I say and she stares at me while bouncing the baby in her hands, lightly. "What made you think about me, again? Huh? After three damn years. After everything. You just left, no goodbye, nothing. Just left. For three years. All of you. It was so hard. And you know what? You ruined my life. That day. It didn't go right, at all. It all went wrong, somewhere." She snaps, but not loud enough. I sigh, and look at the little copy of her, in her hands. "So you're a mommy?" I ask her, trying to brighten the atmosphere. "And married." She states, and I look at her wide eyed.

"Please, tell me you're lying." I plead, while closing my eyes. Its wrong, it is so wrong. Its not that I imagined. Not at all. "As I said it all went wrong. I married him first, just to hurt you.I Just to forget you maybe. Just to, get my revenge. I was hoping that as soon as you'll find out that I am married, you'd feel how hurt I was when you disappeared."

"-But as soon as Kristen was born, it all changed. We can not divorce now, there's someone who brings us together." She states, and I open my eyes. "You can stop smoking. You can't stop loving." I state, and her lips curve in to a smile. But she stays silent.

"Do you love him?" I ask her, serious, and she looks at me. "I love my child. And I want her to have dad." She replies. She doesn't love him. Baby, baby is the only reason, why she is not in my arms right now. "Do you still love me?" I ask her, and she sighs, smiling sadly. "As you said, you can stop smoking, but you can not stop loving."


Allan Pears.

The one in blue shirt. Guess you can already say I have a twin brother. Dylan, but we're a complete opposites. Guess I am more of a momma's boy. He also used to be the responsible one. Now, I can tell I am more serious.

Anyway, I am 22.

Everything, went down a line, for me. Three years ago.



This story is being republished as I decided to try and keep it going. I wrote it about a year ago, so. -Janey. 

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