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2. chapter 2

I walked down the road while shivering, what? It's Ireland. It's cold. I zipped up my jacket and walked faster, but I didn't want to go home. See Normal people would tell there "best friends" that there dad is abusive and dose things normal dads don't do, and then the "best friend" would save the day and help them and live happily ever after. But no, I have to keep it a secret;

1. He's famous, I can't put this on to of him.

2. He will look at me different.

3. He won't treat me the same.

4. He wouldn't want to be friends anymore.

And I can't not have him in my life, so I will try and keep it a secret. I stop at a dark blue wooden door and slowly turn the key and walk in not making noise.

"Lexi?!" My dad slurred. "Yes?" I stuttered nervously. "Where have you been?" He said wobbling towards me. This has happened to many times before, he's drunk.

"I was out" I said. "I-I didn't say you could go out" he said with the smell of alcohol pouring out of his mouth as we comes towards me. "I'm sorry-I won't do it again" I said backing up but my back hitting a wall, shit. He lifted his left hand to me and slapped me across the face, as I clenched my hands together through the pain. "Now, will you go out again without me knowing?" He asked. I didn't say anything. Next thing I knew, I was across the floor in pain as he kicked me in the ribs. I could feel a black eye coming though from the slap. "Will you?!" He shouted easing his foot above my tummy and stomping down forcefully. I started coughing up blood, choking on it as I laid down. "What did you say!" He shouted kicking my side again. "Yes!" I shouted back in pain. "Good" he said kicking my side again walking out the room.

No Lexi, you can't die, not like this, not now. I had to get up, I slowly crawled up and grabbed my phone that was smashed on the floor. I had to get out of here, I can't be here anymore. I stood up in pain and opened the front door slowly and running out of it, faster then I ever ran before. I stopped running as I sat on a bench. I unlocked my pine and called the only person I could think of. Niall.

N: hello?

L: Niall.

N: Lexi? What's wrong

L: Niall help me

N: lex where are you!

L: in our park. Hurry Niall

N: lex I'm coming! Stay there!

He said as he hang up, I didn't have any energy to say anything anyway, I was dieing.

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