Dear Journal (Larry One Shot)

Larry One Shot - Punk!Louis - Flowerchild!Harry


2. Dear Journal (Part Two)

 Harry winced with each kick towards him, his wincing only making him kick harder. Harry looked over at Liam and Niall but they were too busy listening to the teacher. The teacher saw, but didn't care. Jim loved this. Jim punched him hard in the back when the teacher turned around to write more things on the board. 

      Harry lost his breath and started to have problems breathing. He gasped for air but Jim laughed. Jim's laugh caught Niall and Liam's attention. Liam started to say something towards the teacher but Harry couldn't read his lips, his vision going blurry from tears and coughing. The teacher walked over to him and patted his back, but that didn't do anything. He saw Liam push the teacher away and help him up towards the hallway.

      They walked to the nurse's office. The nurse gave Harry some water and he think he saw her mouth Just breath. After a few minutes, Harry started to breath regular again and thanked Liam and Niall for helping him. Niall said something but spoke to fast for him to catch so Liam just repeated what he said. No problem

      By the time they got back to class it was time to leave. They grabbed their stuff and walked outside. Harry waved goodbye to his friends. 


      Louis watched Harry waved bye to Liam and a blonde. Probably Niall. He watched Harry go down to his house and walk inside. His father pulled up and he got inside. They arrived to the house shortly after. "Gonna be in my room." Louis shouted as he went to his room. 

      He dropped his bag on the floor and landed on his bed. He looked over at the journal sat on the nightstand beside him. He grabbed and it went to his last place in it. 

       Dear Mr. Journal, 

Today at school wasn't any better. But I got to meet Niall's boyfriend! His name is Liam and started a few days ago. Niall helped him around and stuff. Niall told him about what happen even though I told him not to. He felt sorry for me. I hate pity. Then Niall told him I was deaf and he started to do the sign language! I was pretty shocked and so was Niall. We did that for awhile until Niall told us to stop because he felt out of the conversation. Well that's all Mr.Journal, until next time :) 

       Love, Hazza. March 13th, 2013.

       Louis wouldn't of thought that Liam was gay. He seemed so, straight! But so did Niall? Louis shrugged and kept reading.

       Dear Mr. Journal, 

I did something bad. Something really bad. I cut myself for the first time. It hurt, a lot. I'm never doing it again! I started to cry. I only wanted to see what it would be like so I did it on my thighs. I did one long cut across it so people wouldn't see it. If they did they would just say I'm doing it for attention. Which is wrong, way off. It was kinda deep. I didn't have the courage until I did it once and it hurt so much, god! I don't see why people like doing that. It felt good to confess. Bye Mr. Journal. 

      Love, Hazza. March 23rd, 2013.

      Louis felt his stomach drop when he read that. At least he won't do it again. Hopefully. Next page. 

         Dear Mr. Journal, 

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I said I wouldn't do it again but I did. I noticed why people do it. It helps them get distracted. Please don't judge me Mr. Journal. I can never tell anyone, probably send me to rehab or something. I made another two lines on my thighs. It hurt, but I didn't cry like last time. I had to confess. Goodbye Mr. Journal. 

         Love always, Hazza. March 25th, 2013. 

        Louis started to feel really guilty. He only stole the journal so he could get to know Harry better for the stupid project! He didn't mean to come across all of Harry's dark secrets. All he found out was his birthday, which was in- three days? Louis started to think if he should get him something for his birthday. This will be his first birthday without his parents, that has to be hard. Louis ran downstairs. 

           "Dad!" He called out and saw his dad sitting on the recliner with a beer. "Yeah, Lou?" "Can you help me buy something for my friend's birthday?" His dad nodded his head and Louis told him. His dad had to think about it for a bit but said yes since it was for his friend. Louis did a little cheer, making his dad laugh seeing his tattooed son dance like a cheerleader. 


    The next day at school, Louis smiled at Harry. Harry blushed and smiled back as Louis took his seat. They sat in silence until more people started to come in to the homeroom. 

    They got to first period and the teacher told them they would have a few minutes to do their project before the lesson would start. Harry grabbed his notebook out and Louis kept staring at his legs. They could be tore up in all kinds of cuts. 

    "Question Ten: How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people's? Wow these are kinda personal, aren't they?" Harry said re-reading the question. 

   Louis hated these questions so bad. "My family isn't as close anymore. But yeah, my childhood was alright." Louis said, partly lying. 

     "Question Eleven-" 

     "How many questions are there?" Louis groaned. This was getting on his nerves. 

     "We can take a break." Harry said putting his notebook down as Louis nodded. 

      Louis was hoping they would finish soon so he could ask Harry some stuff like his birthday so when he gets him his present he won't ask how he knew. Another minute Louis told Harry to go on with the next question.

     "Question Eleven: How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?" ((GOT THESE OFF A WEBSITE XD))

     Louis looked at him like he knew what was going on with him and his family. He grabbed the paper from Harry, making him filched scared he was about to hit him. He read the rest of the questions.

     Q. 12) If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please share what would be important for him or her to know.

     Q. 13) Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life.

     Q. 14) Tell your partner something that you like about them already.

     Q 15) Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?

     That was all of them. Why would these be questions to ask to get to know people? At least there were only six questions left, as he had to still answer the one about what is one thing you can't live a day without. He groaned and kept hitting his head on the table. He felt small hands grab the back of his head. "S-stop doing that.." He looked up to see Harry blushing. 

     Louis sighed and sat up. "Just ask them." He rubbed his forehead. 

     "Question Eleven: How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?" 

     "It's great." Louis grumbled. Harry gave him a confused look. "It's great." He said clearly enough Harry could read his lips.

     "Question Twelve: If you were to become close to your partner,please  share what would be important for you partner to know."

     Louis tried to think of something. "Don't challenge me to a match of football." 

     "Question Thirteen: Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life."

     Louis groaned. There was too much going back into his childhood for this. "Uhm, I was around, I don't know, 13 and I was playing football match and when I went to kick the ball I missed and fell and broke my arm." He heard Harry try to keep in his laugh. Louis rolled his eyes with a smile "You can laugh." Which Harry did. 

    "Question Fourteen: Tell your partner something you like about them already." Harry blushed. 

    "Your dimples." Louis said poking his cheek, making Harry flinch once again. He sighed knowing the reason but couldn't do anything about it. 

    "Last question, thank God: Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?" 

    "My father's. He's kinda my only family at the moment." Harry nodded and wrote it down. 

    "My turn to ask you questions." Louis smiled and grabbed the questions. "Question One: Full name." 

    "Harry Edward Styles."

    "Question Two: Birthday?" Louis already knew the answer to this. 

    "February 1st."  

    "Okay class, time to start History." Louis got Harry to say his birthday, great. 


    Louis said good-bye to Harry at the end of the day. When he got to his house he went up to his room to read somemore of the journal. He couldn't help himself. 

     Dear Mr. Journal, 

Mr. Journal, today was not good. Today was April Fools Day and I was the main target. First this guy tripped me and another guy was helping me pick up my binders then he just threw my stuff in the air making papers fly everywhere. Then at lunch there was no where to sit but one spot so this girl told me to sit beside and I did. But she just psuhed my head in my food then pushed me onto the ground, everyone laughing. Sigh Mr. Journal. I have to fess up. I brought the knife with me to school and hid in the bathroom. I added four more cuts. It hurts still, but it's my fault. Talk to you later, Mr. Journal. 

      Love, Hazza. April 1st, 2013. 

     Louis shooked his head. And no one knows about this, but him! He never realized how people could be so rude to someone just for being gay. He turned to the next page but his dad walked in. He slammed the notebook closed "Yeah dad?" he asked nervously. "We're suppose to get the kitten today." Louis nodded and got his shoes on as he followed his dad down to the mustang. 

      When they got their, they handed Louis a small soft gray cat with big blue eyes. It was just so cute and Louis kept petting it and smiling. He couldn't wait to give Harry the kitten. They drove to the store and got cat food with a blue collar, as it was a boy, and a kitty bowl. As they were drving to their house Louis saw a familiar motorcycle. The motorcycle stopped in front of a house with a roar of the engine then cut off. He took off his helment and it was in face, Zayn. "He dad stop the car for a sec." 

       "Aye, yo tattoo boy!" Louis shouted with a grin. He watched Zayn look everywhere then see Louis. Zayn smiled and walked over to the mustang. He bent over so he could see Louis' dad. "nice ride, mate." Zayn said looking around. "Thanks, like your bike." Zayn looked in the backseat. "You have a cat?" "No, Louis said his friend's birthday is coming up so he got 'em a cat!" Zayn smiled and pinched Louis' cheek. "That's sweet." Louis grumbled and slapped his hand away. "Who's your friend? Know it's not me, mines already past." "For Harry, his is this Friday." Zayn smiled "You really are a sweet lad. Gotta go." As Zayn said good-bye a blonde girl came out of the house and hugged Zayn. 

     They got back to their house. Louis walked upstairs with the kitten in his hands. He arrived to his room and sat down. The kitten mewoed and walked in Louis' lap, finding a place to get comfortable. As he peted the kitten, he opened 'Mr. Journal'. 

     Dear Mr. Journal, 

Niall almost found out. We were at his house with his boyfriend and we were watching a funny movie (with captions on of course) and Niall is the type to hit someone when laughing and he hit my thigh and it hurt. I yelped in pain, but didn't mean to! So they started to ask if Niall hit me hard and Niall started to cry and it made me want to cry so I hugged him while crying. Liam joined in the hug so we kinda just sat there hugging for a few minutes. I didn't mean to make Niall cry. I told him he didn't hurt me it just took me by surprise. He didn't believe me though so he bought me some ice cream. Well that was that. Bye Mr. Journal. 

     Love, Hazza. April 9th, 2013. 

     Louis kept petting the kitten as he thought. He wondered what if he patted his thigh tomorrow, see if he'd wince or something to see if he still cut. But he won't do it too hard, knowing that makes him shout in pain. The kitten purred as he peted him and he thought he looked like a gangster planning something evil. 


     Louis was sat in homeroom, doing some of the homework he forgot about. He heard someone walk in and saw Harry, holding onto some of his books with his book bag on his back. Louis remembered what he told himself to do 1,000 times. He smiled at Harry as Harry sat beside him. 

     Harry placed his books down on the desk. Louis patted Harry's thigh, watching as Harry flinched. "You alright mate?" Louis asked and Harry nodded, biting his lip. Louis looked at his thigh to try and see if anything would happen. But nothing, besides Harry shaking a bit. 

     They got to first period and like always the teacher let them work on their project for a little bit. 

    "Question Three: Have you always lived in Holmes Chapel?" 


    "Question Four: Do you have any siblings?"

    "One sister." Louis nodded remembering Gemma. 

    "Question Five: What are some hobbies?"

    "Sucking dick." Someone said and the class started laughing. Louis anger grew and he picked up his math book and threw it at the guy's head. Harry didn't know why he did that and just looked at him in shock. 

     "The fuck did you do that for!" The guy shouted. Louis laughed at him and the guy walked towards him. Louis stood up too, with a evil smirk playing on his face. "Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Fack, sit down." Louis started laughing at his last name, making him go after him. Louis stood there until he was close enough and stepped to the left, making him run into the desk and falling. Everyone laughed. 

    "Mr. Tomlinson! Mr. Fack! To the office, now!" Louis rolled his eyes with an "whatever." leaving his lips. He grabbed his stuff and waved good-bye to a very confused Harry. 

     Louis was sent home for fighting, but he didn't mind. Nor did his dad for standing up to his friend. Louis went up to his room to check on the kitten, which needed more food and water. Louis had put up a boarder so the kitten couldn't get far around the room and placed newspaper around it. "Tomorrow you get to go to your real owner's house." Louis smiled and petted the kitten.

    Louis looked at the Journal. He should really give it back. He'll just say he found it on the way to his house. So now he would be walking over to Harry's? Guess so. 


    Louis had told his dad that he needed to bring the kitten with him to when he picks him up after school. Today was finally Friday! Louis was excited to give Harry his kitten today. Today in First period, instead of working on the project they had to take a test. Louis walked beside Harry in the hallway and made sure Harry read his lips when he said "Can I go over to your's to work on the project?" Harry agreed. 

    Soon , the day was over and Louis was standing beside Zay waiting for Harry while Zayn waited for Perrie. Perrie came out first with a smile, waving at Zayn. Louis noticed that Perrie looked like a girl who would like bad boys. Sweet and innocent looking, likes the rebel of her boyfriend. Perrie said Hey to Louis then they left on Zayn's motorcycle, leaving Louis to wait alone for Harry.

    Louis was starting to worry but Harry came out with his notebook tight in his hands. Louis waved since he knew Harry wouldn't hear him if he called out his name. Harry saw the hand and walked towards Louis, a shy smile playing on his lips. A mustang pulled up near Louis and his dad pulled him. Harry seemed confused when he saw a cage. 

     "What's this about?" Harry asked. Louis smiled at him and opened the cage. A small kitten climbed out and looked up at Harry. Harry looked at Louis "Happy birthday!" He said with a grin. Harry grinned back and picked up the kitten, placing his notebook on the cage. Harry cooed at it's cuteness. "You got me a kitten?" Harry asked looking at Louis. "Well, yeah." Louis blushed "It is your birthday and you like cats so, there you go." Harry thanked him as Louis' dad got the cat food out of the car.

    Harry held his note book and the kitten while Louis held the cat food on his shoulder and the cage. Louis didn't say anything becasue Harry's focus was on the kitten, smiling and petting it. Harry slammed the door opened and Gemma turned around from the couch. She smiled at the kitten in Harry's hands. "You get him a kitten?" She asked Louis. Louis nodded "Hope that's okay." Gemma nodded.

    Gemma showed Louis where he could put the cat food while Harry walked upstairs with the kitten. Louis walked up the stairs to Harry's room. Harry was on his bed playing with the small kitten with a grin. Louis sighed as he grabbed the Journal out of his book bag. He tapped Harry's shoulder. "Isn't this your journal?" He asked like he's never had it. 

    Harry gave him a puzzled look before nodding and grabbing it. "Did.. Did you read it?" Harry asked. Harry was staring into Louis eyes and something inside of him tell the truth as his shoulders dropped and nodded. Harry frowned and held the jounral. "Get out." Harry said sadly. He couldn't bare to look at Louis since he knew whatever he knew. Louis knew it was good idea to leave and waved bye before leaving. 


    Mae watched in her Convertible as Louis was giving Harry, the deaf gay kid no one likes, a kitten. 

    Mae was the girl who wanted Louis to sit beside her but told her off instead. Mae didn't like to get turned down and she'd do anything to get in bed with someone then crush their feelings. She had a frown the whole time and wanted to run all of them over. But she didn't. 

    She was waiting for her so called friend to hurry up. She saw Louis walking out of Harry's house with a sad look. She smirked. "Faggot doesn't live far, eh?" She mumbled to herself. She started her car and drove next to Louis. "Need a lif?" She asked sweetly. "No, thanks." He said in a cold voice and kept walking towards his home. 

    Mae grunted and turned her car around following him. "Oh, come on. Just get in." She smiled, chewing her gum and patting the seat beside her. Louis sighed before getting in, cursing himself. "Where too?" She asked and he told her adress. 

     "I see you're friends with that Harry boy, hmm?" She asked while driving. "Yeah." Louis muttered. "I don't know him to well, but he gets bullied a lot doesn't he?" Mae asked like she didn't know. She was the one who set up the whole idea of getting Robin to trick him into telling him everything. "Yeah, fucked up reason too." Louis crossed his arms. Mae nodded her head with a smirk.

     "Kinda nasty though, isn't it? Two guys dating? Disgusting - thank God it's not allowed." 

     "I'll get out here." Louis said, anger in his voice. He's gay isn't he? Mae asked herself. She stopped the car. "Have a nice weekend, Louis. Nice seeing you again." She faked a smile and drove off. "Need to burn my car now." She told herself. "Got quier shit all over it."


    Over the weekend, Louis stayed in his room most of the time feeling awful, Harry stayed in is room and wouldn't tell Gemma what was wrong and played with the new kitten he named Stella, and Mae was busy planning a idea. She already called a view people to make sure the plan would go just right. 

    And here they are, Louis in the classroom beside Jesy, Harry slowly walking to school, and Mae walking around in her mini skirt, tight hoddie to make her boobs seem larger, earrings hanging low, and hair perfect looking. She was walking up to Jim. "Got everything set?" she asked. Jim nodded while swalloing his water. "The end of the day we'll get 'em." Mae nodded and started to walk away. 

    Zayn closed his locker while he looked at Jim. Mae and Jim had planned something, never could be good. Perrie came up to Zayn and kissed his cheek. "You okay?" She asked. "Yeah, just think Jim and Mae are planning something." he mumbled. Perrie told him t's probably nothing and they walked to class. 

    Throughout the day, Harry didn't look at Louis at all so Louis didn't say anything. It was the end f the day. Louis' dad had just picked Louis up and Harry was walking home. Zayn was by his motorcycle waiting for Perrie. Perrie had to stay a bit longer to finish a test which he didn't mind. But it was longer than he thought it would be and there were only a few people left on the school grounds. 

    He was smoking under the tree when he saw Harry come out. Harry's clothes were ripped, his nose and mouth was bleeding, so was his wrists, he had a black eye, and he was crying. Zayn jumped up from his spot and ran over to him. "Harry are you okay?!" He asked quickly. Harry's eye was too swollen to see and he was still faintly there so he could hardly see. He saw Zayn's mouth moving but no idea what he was saying. He started to do hand motions to let Zayn know he was deaf and didn't know what he was saying. 

    Zayn was shocked as he saw Harry's hands move. Zayn helped Harry walk down the stairs of the school. He remembered seeing Harry outside of a house not to far from the school. He picked him up and started to run towards the house. He got there in a matter of seconds and barged into the house. The door slammed so Gemma thought it was Harry. When she turned her head she did a little scream. "Haz!" She ran over to them.

     She ordered Zayn to take him into the kitchen as she ran into the bathroom to grab some stuff to clean his wounds. Zayn set Harry in a chair, trying to ignore all the blood that was now on him. He helped Gemma clean the cuts on his wrist and stop the bleeding from his busted lip and nose. Harry started to cry more as Gemma was ctaking his favorite sweater that was destoryed off and gasped as she saw all the cuts on his wrist, and more scars going up his arms. "Haz..." She whispered. 

    She helped clean and banage the wounds. She heard knocking on the door and Zayn went to go and get it. He opened the door to see Louis. Louis' eyes widen "What happen to you mate?" "Not my blood.. It's Harry's." Louis gasped and ran inside to Harry. Zayn looked outside to see Perrie looking around for Zayn carrying her books and calling his name. He also saw Mae, Jim, and a few other jocks leaving quickly, barely missing Perrie. 

   "Perrie!" He shouted and Perrie turned her direction to him. She started walking to the house while Louis was hushing and hugging Harry. "Who did this?" Louis asked, waiting for anyone to answer. "I think it was Mae." Perrie said. "I saw her while walking to Mr. Volkey's class and some other jocks." Louis' grip on Harry tighten and he whimpered. "Careful Lou." Gemma said and his grip losen. 

    "Should we call the cops?" Gemma asked already holding her cell phone. "Proof, we need proof." Zayn muttered. "Zee, the cameras. Maybe they caught something?" Perrie said. Zayn looked at the school building, noticing how everyone is leaving for home. "We'll have to get it tomorrow. Sorry." Zayn sighed. He told Gemma and Louis goodbye then left with Perrie. 

    Louis stayed with Harry most of the day, helping Harry around. Right now they were on Harry's bed playing with the kitten as Harry's eye sight has gotten better. Louis placed his hands on Harry's cheeks. Harry blushed and looked up at him. "Who did this?" He finally asked. Harry shook his head as tears came to his eyes. Louis just hugged him and hoped for the camera caught something. That's when Louis realized he liked Harry as more than just a friend.


    Louis had met Harry at his home so they could walk to school together. They got some look and some people were laughing. They arrived into the school and they both saw paper everywhere, on the lockers, on the walls, even on the roof. Louis looked at one of the paper's. Dear, Mr. Journal, was all Louis had to read to know it was from Harry's jounral. 

    People were mocking the private letters to his journal towards Harry. Harry caught some f the words and started to cry as he ran out. Louis went after him but Harry was already almost to his house. "Hey! Look it's the fag's lover."  A boy shouted ad everyone laughed. Louis walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "I will kill you." Louis said coldly, and that's when everyone went quiet because they knew Louis was joking. 

    But the guy kept his smirk as he qouted a part of Harry's journal. "Dear, Mr. Journal, I finally have you back. I can't believe Louis was the one to take it. But I guess I can forgive him.. He's super cute, Mr. Journal. I-" He was cut off when Louis started to punch his face repeatdly. The guy was lucky when Liam showed up and dragged Louis away. 

    "Where is Harry?" Liam asked and pressed Louis up the school building. "He ran home, get off me." Louis tired to move but Liam was far more strong than anyone thought. "Did you do this?" Liam asked. "Of course not!" Louis shouted "It was probably that whore and her bitches." Liam sighed and let him go, Louis running towards Harry's house. As he ran past the students he heard something he wish he haden't. "Dear, Journal, this might be my last love Hazza. I'm planning to end it soon, sorry," Louis ran faster. 

     When he was closer to the house he heard Gemma's screams and banging. Louis ran up the stairs as he saw Gemma crying and banging on the bathroom door. She knew he couldn't hear her. Louis moved her and ran towards the door, smashing his shoulder into it. The door's bolts losen as Louis did it again. Liam, Niall, and Zayn came up the stiars. They saw what Louis was doing and Liam simply did it once, breaking the door down. 

     Harry was struggling to get the bottle opened and Louis snatched it. "No!" Harry shouted. He grabbed for the bottom but Louis kept his grip on it. The bottle suddenly busted opened and the pills went everywhere. "What have you done!" Harry shouted and started to try and pick up the pills. Harry was crying of course as Liam pulled him away. "Leave me alone!" He shouted "I just want to die, leave me alone!" He kpet shouting. The shouts made Niall start to cry with Gemma. Liam forced him into a hug as he his shouts went down. "I just want to die..." He whispered. 


    "Do you know the student Harry Styles?" The police officer asked. 

     "Yeah, so what?" Mae asked popping her gum. 

     "Well, Miss Young, if you will know. Harry Styles tried to commit suicide." 

    "What's that gotta do with me?" 

    "From our understanding, you did not like Mr. Styles because he was gay."

    "Well, not just me. Almost everyone at the school hates him, even the teachers." 

    "Miss Young, we found you and around five other boys posting papers all over the school. The papers were of Mr. Styles' private journal, which by the way is another charge. We went further back and saw you with the same guys, going behind Mr. Styles, and dragging him into another room which doesn't have a camera in. We've spoken to his sister and his friends. The dark haired one said that he saw Harry come out of the school, bleeding from his wrist, nose, and lip. He believes you did it, along with the others. And I believe it too Miss Young. This is a charge for comitted murder."  

    Mae was sent to jail along with Jim and the other four. After everyone found out about Harry's almost dying, they felt awful. Some people even cried when the teacher had said he was going to be in the hospital for treatement. 

    It's a month later and Harry is finally back from school. He had gotten lots of letters from teachers and students saying get better and sorry. Louis had stayed by his side the whole way. Louis told himself as soon as Harry was out of the hospital, he would ask him out to be his boyfriend and on a date. 

    So here he was, standing in front of Harry's house with flowers and chocolate. His dad had let him use the mustang. He rung the doorbell, knowing Gemma was going to answer it. But he was surprised when he saw Harry. Harry grinned at him, showing him his dipples. "Gemma told me it was for me." He answered Louis' thoughts. Louis nodded his head. "Well, Hazza. I was wondering.. Will you go on a date with me." Harry rolled his eyes and blushed. "Of course." He kissed Louis cheeks and grabbed the flowers and chocolates. 

    Louis grabbed Harry's hand and led him to the car. "Oh and one more thing." Louis said moving Harry's face to look at him. "One thing I couldn't spend a day without, is you." 

(A/N): SHITTY ENDING :DGuies this was 10, 280 words :o. If you finshed it and liked thank you. Comment your thoughts pleaseee byyyyyyyyyyyye :D

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