Adopted by 1D, I couldn't care less

I am El I am 14. I get adopted by the band every girl my age loves, apart from me. Honestly getting adopted by one direction to me is the same as getting adopted by five normal full of them selves guys. So Yah. Btw I have an awesome bf Alex with abs 2DIE4!


1. Me.

Name: El or Eliza but my full name is Elizabeth rose- Martha Harson.

Age: fourteen almost fifteen.

Fav band: chamilion circuit, eleven past one, the roots and Black eyes peas. (The beetles are good and they helped me get through some of the bad times.) My dark side loves Black veil brides, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens & blood corps.

Fav singer: Although it wouldn't seem like it Eliza Doolittle, MIKA ( his music got me through some of the had times) and Max Schneider (hey he is hotter than he sounds his name really doesn't do his body justace).

Fav TV show: DR. WHO, Family guy, Star-Crossed, Two and a half men, Big Bang theory and How I met your mother.

Fav food: fish, RIBS, anything BBQ, sausages, prawns, crisps and crispy skinny chips.

Reason why I'm in care: My dad Justin Philip Harson died when I was four and my mum wasn't coping with grief very well an had a mental break down two years later after when Lucas died and now is in a hospital to help her get better.

What I'm like: A bit of a Badass, tough, sick sense of humour, strong, kind of a gym nut, pushy, someone you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of but if you are my mate I will defend you and beat the crap out of anyone who tries to mess with you. If you have ever watched the dumping ground or victorious I'm a kind if a cross between sapphire, faith, Electra, and a lot of jade.

What I look like: wavy hair that when straitened goes down to my mid back (but I never straighten my hair) the colour frequently changing but normally black with blue/ green low lights. Hourglass figure, big boobs, natural curves, rock hard six PAC, a few face piercings ( ear five left (one bottom four tracing my outer ear), five right ( two bottom three tracing my outer ear.) three eyebrow (two right one left) one nose stud left side and I really want a tongue piercing). Fair skin, tan easy, don't burn, three faint hickeys all by neck/ shoulder all on right side hard knuckles and slightly broad shoulders making it easy for me to rugby tackle.

Relationships: An awesome, hot, caring boyfriend that I love, Alex, My best mate Charlie (a girl) who is a bit like me but less... well me (me being violent, pushy and badass), Lucas is a six year old boy at the orphanage he reminds me of my brother i treat him like it to (I had had a brother Barney that passed away when he was two), Owen - Alex's best mate, Jamie + Chris Alex's other two main mates and Tom and Robin the other couple. We're all between 14- 16 apart from Lucas and out of the older ones I'm the second youngest of the group after Jamie and I'm the Alpha Female and just kinda Alpha, only me and Charlie are in care.I have the a good relationship with my social worker, I see him all the time cuz I get in trouble with the law... a lot. I don't care, Bens awesome.

Hobbies: Well despite what my social worker says getting into trouble with the law is not one of my hobbies, I have two martial arts classes just cuz I get bored ( tae kwon-do - black belt 8th degree, karate -black belt), making out with Alex, photography, rugby, football, ice hockey, dodge ball, playing pranks and beating up pricks who mess with me or my mates. I will kill anyone who tries to beat up Lucas especially if they're like much older.

School grades: I don't have high marks but they're ok ranges from c- to a b with an occasional d it b+ excluding DT and PE I mostly get b's or a's.

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