Midnight Memories

Zayn was always single. So was Ali. She would give anything to meet Zayn Malik. but she may be getting more then she imagend.


1. Work

Zayn P.O.V.

"zayn wake up!!" I heard Paul's voice from the front of the tour bus. "we've got soundcheck in 5 minutes"

At the end of the concert***

Just as we finish the last note on 'Midnight Memories' I hear a fan from the side shout "ZAYN! Zayn!! Don't go ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU!!" And then she faints. I say through the microphone, "I love you too." Quietly a steward goes over to pick her up. She was beautiful. She was the one.

(A\N so thank you guys SOO much for reading and please comment and tell me what you think. I should update pretty soon and sorry for the short chapter, It all deleted! And also in this I am pretending that zayn is not engaged to Perrie and Louis is not with Eleanor . Thanks please tell me what you think! I know it was SOO short it's just a little sneak peak)

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