Not Sane

"I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy!" she kept repeating to me, crying, fisting her hair quite roughly with both hands. Her voice was so fragile-it feels like I could just break it in my bare hands. "I believe you." I said. A sudden shock appeared in her red, veiny eyes. "What? Why?" she asked. "Because I know crazy Violet. I've been stuck in a mental institution for 3 years and I've seen crazy. You are not crazy." She gave a small hint of relief through a sigh. "Well no one else believes me." I went up to her and put my arms around her for the first time. "Violet just tell me why. Why are you doing all these things? Just explain to me Vi." Her voice vibrated on my chest as she spoke. "I can't tell you Harry. I just can't."


3. Chapter 2



Violet’s POV


“I love your outfit today.” Tris said as innocent as possible, as I got into her car. I rolled my eyes, still remembering her little ‘favor’ yesterday.


“Well that’s not going to help.” I mumbled, but loud enough for her to hear me. It’s not that I mind being next to Harry, but the fact that Tris had to make up a lie. Luckily, I’m not mad at her because I barely get mad at anyone.


“I’m sorry Vi.” She apologized, knowing exactly what I was talking about. “He just gives me the chills. I mean he gives everyone the chills except for you apparently.” I positioned my elbow on the door of her car and rested my head on my hand. I wonder how Harry is doing. “Anyways, what are you going to do for your birthday next month?” I thought about it for a bit.


“Well my mom and dad allowed me to have a house party and I can invite anyone I wanted. As long as there’s no alcohol, drugs, and sex, obviously.” I said fiddling with my phone. My parents are like the best and since I’m turning 18, they think I’m old and responsible enough to handle a house birthday party.


“Ok ok, but I’m spiking the drinks if you like it or not.” She quickly turned to me and turned back to look in front of her. I smiled and rolled my eyes. We got to school and the second bell rang – we’re late.


Running with my books against my chest, I guess I didn’t notice I dropped my phone. A boy called my name to retrieve it. He was Harry. I gave him a genuine smile, took the phone and walked away. I can’t be late on the second day of school.


“Um, wait!” he calls out and rush to catch up with me. I was speed walking. “Are you avoiding me?” he asked.


“No, I just can’t afford to be late to class. Mr. Matthews hates it when people are late to his class. Sorry, but I just really have to get there right away.”


“Mr. Matthews, the science teacher? I have him now too.” I raised my eyebrows in shock at him, still speed walking.


“Then we’re both going to be late Harry.” I sighed and starting running. “Come!” I called him, almost giving a small giggle, so we could get to class at the same time. He grinned and tossed his bag on his back so it’s easier to run. We reached the door, panting. Our school was small, but not that small. The room quiet down and everyone were looking at us.


“Ms. Winters and Mr. Styles, you are late to class. You know how much I don’t like late students” Mr. Matthews hissed. We didn’t move as he turned around to make his way to his desk.


“Told you.” I whispered to Harry and he smiled. “We’re sorry, it won’t happen again.” I apologized on the behalf of both of us.


“Yea, what she said.” Harry continued. Mr. Matthews placed his glasses on the bridge of his nose.


“You better not, and since you two were late, you will be partners. The rest of the classed was already assigned while you two were not here.” We both nodded and made our way to our own desk.


The class went on and we were doing reviews on the previous years. Then we had to do experiments where we mix solutions to make a concoction of some sort. I poured a base solution to an acidic solution to neutralize it. Looking at Harry, he was about to pour an acid with an acid. The type he chose specifically would cause immediate foaming and bubbles that will spill out.


“Stop!” I alerted him. He jerked a bit and put the solution down. I had a feeling that he might have said ‘Jesus Christ’ in his head. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you but you can’t mix those two together.”


“Why will it make a dangerous substance?” he asked with a smirk at the end.


“No… it’ll create foam and bubbles that will be highly irritating if it touches your skin.” I explained to him. He turned away looking like a confused little boy. I couldn’t help but want to help. “Ok, you take that,” I pointed at the acidic substance, “and mix it with that. This will make the concoction neutral since it balance out the amount of alkali and acid.” Harry did exactly what I told him to do and then smiled at accomplishment. I continued on my experiment.


“You know I’m pretty sure we never introduced each other” he says moments later. Smiling, I said my name and he said his even though I already knew it was Harry. All of a sudden, he shouted boo at me, but not too loud to startle the whole class and the teacher.


“What are you doing?” I asked him frowning, but trying not to smile.


“I’m trying to see if you’d get scared.” He says in response. I gave him a face.


“Well it’s not working. It’s just weird” I sniffed and joked. He gave me a look, trying to tell me something. I knew exactly what he meant now. Him being an ex-murder and all, he wanted to see if I’m scared of him. Of course I’m not. I mean, I guess I should but I’m not. “Harry, don’t worry. I’m not scared and I see you as no threat to this town.”


End of class


Harry’s POV


“So Violet,” I looked up and she just left out the door. I roughly stuffed my books inside my bag hurried to catch up to her. “Violet!” I called out alerting people around me. She stopped and turned back.


“Yeah?” she says tucking some hair behind her ear.


“Hey, um… I was just wondering if um…” I hesitated and scratched my neck. Violet looked rather jumpy and was looking around. “You could tutor me in science? As you saw in class, I’m pretty crappy at it.” She continued to look around and she caught someone’s eyes – the girl who she swapped lockers with. I gave Violet a look, and she gave me one back. Just that hers wasn’t the innocent one.


“Um tutor you?” she questioned nervously. She kept looking to the sides, looking at the people who were staring. “Um, I’d love to Harry,” she begins softly, almost as if she didn’t want anyone to hear. “But I don’t think I’ll have the time. I mean with school work, thinking of collage,” she listed. I sniffed before she could finish her excuses. I’m not stupid.


“Oh, got it.” I hissed and walked away leaving her in the middle of the hallway. I thought she was different, but she’s just like them. She’s even afraid to be seen with me. Spencer could have her.

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