Two for two ... Or one ? (Harry styles fanfic)

What will Harry do when he finds out that he has not one but two children ?
Read to find out!


1. two too cute!

My name is Paton and I'm 19 years old I'm a part time dance teacher and love life! Except for one thing , I'm a mother of twins ... To Harry styles.

Patons P.O.V

"Mummy" I heard my two three year olds call from there cribs in the yellow painted nursery .

"Coming loves" I replied.

Asha and Tomas are twins , they are three years old and the loves of my life.

Asha is beautiful.

She is my perfect little princess! She has Ash blonde hair and green eyes just like me, she loves to dance sing and annoy her little brother ... And me!

Tomas is just like his dad.

He has brown curly hair and brown eyes! He's so perfect. My little footy boy!

I feel bad because they don't know there dad or grandparents and probably never will.

My parents died a couple of years ago before I had Asha and Tommy and Harry well... Doesn't even know he has twins , he knows he has a child but not two , I think it's best if they never know.

"Mummy" Asha said with a serious look on her face. I couldn't help but laugh a little because she is so cute. "Did you forget today we have the dance recital today " she said sitting next to me

"Of course not" I lied .

"Well come on wake up your brother and get dressed baby, I sat out your cloths on the rocking chair" I said picking her up and walking to the nursery and putting her down .

"Ok mumma" she said with her addorible voice . I love her to pieces.

"Wake up Tommy" I herd her yell out.

"Ok" he said in his little morning voice. They are two cute!

~2 hours later in the car~

"Do I have a daddy like Emily" she asked out of no where. Emily was her best Friend.

"Of course you do, are you exited " I said trying to change the subject.

"Of course I am" she screamed making me and Tomas laugh .

"Your to cute baby girl" I said looking at hair though the mirror of my car.

"I know I am" she said acting all sassy and cheeky. We all started laughing.

Tomas might have Harry's looks but boy does Asha have his personality!

We arrived at the concert hall.

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