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1. 1) magcon morning

"Wake up!" My older brother yelled tapping my shoulder. "Give me one..more..minute" I mumble still closed eyes. "Fine then I guess you won't be able to see the love of your lifes" my brother joked. "Magcon?" I ask, eyes still closed. "Yup" my brother said while smirking. I shot up and looked at him. "Get out of my room and I'll be down in five minutes" I say, getting up and pushing him out of my room. I close the door on him and go to my bathroom. Yes! I finally get to meet them. Hayes and Nash. Even though I'm 13 years old. I set out my clothes and hop into the shower.

***After Shower and Clothes putted on***

"So what's for breakfast" I ask, sitting at the table. "Pancakes" my brother mumbled, knowing how I love pancakes. "Not only pancakes but banana on the side!" My mother barged in. I squeal. She sits the pancakes on the table in front of me along with the banana. Zaaayuuumm, oh how I love bananas and pancakes. Yummy! Well after breakfast I grabbed my bag filled with the stuff I needed for magcon. Also, I was excited to meet lox. She's prettier than me. I go outside and walk to the limo while thinking about magcon. Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that I was rich. I mean I don't really like bragging. I get into the limos backseat and pull out my phone scrolling through vine. Nash, he made another vine. Hayes still needs to make more vines. He is still hot though. Just like his brother.


Hello! I'm Madison and if you guys want more just comment.

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