The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


2. Chapter Two


... Ahem. The first favourite was made by Wolfheart, so thanks, Wolf! You'll be seeing Italy this chapter, and Hungary later on! :D Hope you enjoy!




Denmark decided that, if they were going to get drunk, two wasn't enough. England wasn't free; his brothers weren't answering their phones, and so he decided on the German brothers.

"Kesesesese! Who is speaking to my awesome self?" Prussia's voice resounded from the phone, and Denmark winced.

"Denmark," he replied. "You and West free for a drink?"

"Nope," the Prussian replied. "I am drinking awesomely later with my not-so-awesome-as-me friends, but West is here! WEST! GET YOUR UNAWESOME SELF TO THE PHONE!"

And with that, the Prussian was gone.

"Hallo?" The younger brother's voice, thankfully quieter than Prussia's, greeted Denmark.

"West, you want to come round for a drink tonight?"

"Ja. Do you mind if I brought Italy? His bruder ist even more angry than normal."

Denmark's mind was already formulating a plot. If Italy came, he was sure to annoy Norway... And then he might actually show something on his expressionless face!

"Sure!" Denmark grinned. "See you then!" He hung up before Germany could make any complaints, and turned to the Norwegian who sat in his usual spot on Denmark's sofa.

"Germany's coming with Italy," Denmark announced proudly.

"Why Italy? He never eats or drinks anything but pasta."

Denmark shrugged. "Romano's angry. Guess he wants to get away."

"Romano's always angry," Norway replied, leaning back and closing his eyes.

"Angrier than normal," Denmark informed his friend. "If that's even possible."

Norway didn't reply, and Denmark crashed beside him on the sofa, glancing at the face of the Norwegian. It occurred to him that he didn't even know why he wanted to see Norway with actual emotion on his face. Curiosity, perhaps? Yes, Denmark decided. It must be his naturally inquisitive nature forcing him into all of this. He ignored the fact that curiosity never made people feel this strongly about something, that inquisitive natures didn't make him feel seriously saddened when he couldn't find what he was looking for.

That must have been something completely different, Denmark told himself. It still didn't change the fact that he needed to know Norway at least had the liberty to feel emotion. The thought that maybe he couldn't feel it, or couldn't express it, made Denmark strangely pang for his friend.

The thought that Norway didn't want to show it before him made his chest ache.


When Italy walked into the lounge, completely uninvited and yet somehow through the front door, Denmark screamed.

Horror pulsed through his veins, terror filled his mind, fear spread through his body like wildfire.

He shrieked again, possibly even higher that time, grabbed Norway, and threw them both to the floor behind the sofa

Then proceeded to cling to the Norwegian like a three year old infant, still wailing in shock. There was the familiar crushing sensation around his throat, but Denmark didn't even care that Norway was strangulating him, or that Norway probably hated him, or that Norway would kill him later for daring to actually hug him.

What Denmark did care about, was-

"ITALY!" the heavy German accent boomed through the entire house, and Denmark gave a sob of relief. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GOING OUTSIDE LIKE THAT? THE LIST IS ON THE FRONT DOOR! FIRST THING ON THE LIST: MAKE SURE YOU ARE FULLY DRESSED!"

Apparently, Germany was accustomed to this, and, when Denmark risked a glance from behind their hiding place, Germany was holding out the Italian's underwear for him, eyes clamped shut.

Denmark screeched again, and ignored the Norwegian fist to his nose. The nosebleed would go later... That... Image... Would not.

"Is it safe?" Denmark whimpered.

"Ja," Germany replied. Denmark crawled out slowly, letting go of Norway - who wasn't even showing anger at the Dane - and took a shaky breath.

"How do you put up with him?" Denmark managed, leaning heavily on the nearest wall as Norway stood, dusting himself off. Germany shook his head.

"Mein God, you have no clue," he muttered, walking from the lounge and heading to Denmark's bar. Norway paused briefly.

"Takk," he muttered, before turning, and following Germany. Leaving Denmark to stand there, open mouthed. Norway... Norway had just thanked him. Even if he'd shown nothing as he'd uttered the word, Norway had thanked him.

Denmark wondered why there was a sudden warmth creeping into him. Deciding it was just the shock, he followed suit, his eyes dancing with something that could only be described as hope.




Alright, so there was more actual DenNor in that one! :D Seriously, I love those two! :D

Don't forget to request a character after you favourite, and I'll work them in here somehow. :)

Hope you enjoyed that one, especially Wolfheart, who requested Italy and Hungary as the first to favourite. :D Thesis Jones and Rebelle MidnightMoon, England and America should be coming soon. ;D


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