Magcon 2016

Magcon 2016: Hayes spots you in the crowd of fan girls and it's love at first site.


1. Meet up

"Thanks mom I'll text you when it's done! I can't believe it Rachel we're at magcon and we get to see Nash and Cameron and Hayes..." You pause for a moment day dreaming about what you'll say to them "Ash?!" "Huh! Oh sorry Rachel I was day dreaming. Wouldn't it be awesome if we got to actually meet Hayes?!" "I think meeting Nash would be better..." You walk in silence till you get to the door "I've been waiting for this moment for ever!!!" You say as you open the door and the cold air hits you and the screams of 1000 girls becomes louder "I see them!!!" Rachel yells over the screams "Where I can't!!!" You yell but everything went quiet so you sounded like and idiot "Hey guys!!" Cameron says then the screams begin again

20 minuets later

"We're almost at the front" Rachel says looking over everyone on her tippy toes even though she's tall enough to see without. That's when you see Hayes come into sight an your heart melts and shatters into 1000000 pieces because he's kissing another girl on the cheek. "Really Ashley are you honestly sad that your dream guys kissing another girl on the cheek he doesn't even know you yet." "Yeah well.... How would you feel if Nash was kissing someone?" Rachel rolls her eyes "Perk up we're next" "Hey" Hayes says

All you can do is smile he kisses you on the cheek while they take a picture you feel him touch your pocket but think nothing of it.

Later on the way home you feel something in your pocket it was a piece of paper with a phone number on it

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