The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


6. Chapter 5: Me calm down!?

As I turned back around I started screaming.


''Shht... It's just me calm down'' He said and he let go of my mouth. Does he expect me too calm down!?


''Me calm down!?, what are you even doing here?'' I said to him. What does Harry Styles a boxer has to do at like almost 12 am on the streets alone

''I had some things to do but what are you doing here?'' He asked a bit angry

''Well my dad left early and my phone died so I decided to walk home'' I said 

''Well am... I wish I could drive you home... but...'' Harry said

''Well look what we got here Harry mind introduce us?'' A tall man said but he was not as tall as Harry with short black hair he looked like he was around 45.

''Peter I will be back in 10 minutes just wait at the bar'' Harry said as he pushed me behind him

''No problem but first let me see the beautiful girl again'' Harry putted a arm around me and I was now standing next to him ''Is she your girlfriend?'' Peter asked and he was walking closer to us.

''That is close enough'' Harry said and he pushed me behind him ''Now if you excuse me I will be back in 10 minutes'' Harry said

''Be sure to bring her over sometimes we could use her'' Peter said smirking

''You will never use her for your sick plans'' Harry said through gritted teeth

''Well if you won't bring her I guess we will find her then'' Peter said

''No you won't'' Harry said angry and he punched Peter right accros the face he then grabbed my wrist and we ran away 100 questions went through my head like who is peter? what does Harry have to do with him? and what kind of plans? We stepped into Harry's car and he sped off right after I got in.

''We need to get out of here they are gonna come and get you'' Harry said worried

''What do you mean? Who was that?'' I asked also worried

''Let me get you out of here first please they are gonna come after you they have seen your face and they won't stop until they found you so we need to go please'' Harry asked me he sounded worried

''What about my dad huh and Jessica and my life here?'' I asked I can't just leave everything behind and just go

''We need to leave them behind'' Harry said

''Harry why do they want me?'' I asked

''Because they think your my girlfriend and those sick bastards always are looking for new girls'' He said and he sounded really angry now

''Harry just breath oke. It's not good to drive when your angry'' I said and he took a big breath.

''Oke but please I will drive you home say your gonna sleep at Jessica's grab some stuff and I will be waiting downstairs in my car'' Harry said

''Oke oke are you sure?'' I asked I wasn't even sure just leaving everything and everyone behind just sounds so scary

''Yes now go!'' He said when we arrived at my house.

Do I even wanna go if it's for my safety of course then I have to go Harry sounded really worried and I think I trust him should I even trust him?


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