The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


5. Chapter 4: No money on my phone

''Your pretty good'' I said to Harry after we trained Jessica left because her mom needed her for something I don't even know... 

''Oh I know'' He said I rolled my eyes and I laughed

''You got something to do after this?'' He asked

''No not really why are you asking?'' He asked what if he was gonna ask me out or something.. O_o

''Do you wanna catch something to eat? Or if you don't want to I understand'' He asked

''Sure I would love so you wanna meet outside in like a hour still need to shower and everything you know...'' I said he would be probably done in like 20 minutes but i'm a girl don't judge me

''Ahm yeah sure will see you then'' He said we laughed at each other and then we went to the dressing rooms


''Ready to go?'' I asked walking to Harry who was on his phone standing against a wall he was typing and he was looking worriedat his phone.

''Yeah ahm sure let's go'' He said and we walked to his car

''Is everything oke? You were kind of looking stressed'' I asked

''Yeah everything is oke'' He said and gave me an awkward smile maybe i'm just seeing things there is probably nothing wrong and he's a big boy he can take care of him self

''Where are we going?'' I asked

''Nandos?'' He asked

''Yeah sure I love Nandos'' I said 

''Me too'' He said


''That was nice we should do it again'' He said and I smiled and nodded

''Give me your address I will drive you home'' He said

''Just go to the gym my dad is still there I will drive back with him'' I said

''You sure?'' He asked

''Yeah no problem'' I said and he nodded


''Well i'm gonna be in the gym tomorrow wanna train again?'' I asked

''Well actualy tomorrow i'm out of town I will be back in 2 days I have some things I still need to do so I will text you as soon as I get back and we can do something again together'' He said and I smiled ''Yeah sure'' I said 

''See you later'' He said and gave a hug and I hugged back ofcourse


As I was waiting my dad texted me that he already got home and that Harry could drop me off and I don't have any money on my phone to call someon  or text  so I needed to walk home it would probably take about 10 minutes if I take the long way but if I go through the alley 5 minutes well i'm not crazy so of course I would take the longer way, as I was walking I could hear some people scream and that made me walk faster. I heard footsteps so I turned around no one that was weird. As I turned back I bumped into someon and then I screamed but the person putted his or hers hand infront of my mouth.


Sorry that nothing really happend yet but the next chapter will have some drama and then the drama will start new update tonight or tomorrow  love you guys and thank you for reading xxx- Mounia

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