A Very Potter Christmas

A christmas with the Potters (My interpration; characters and story). Next Generation.


1. Chapter 1

"Come on Vicky! I thought you were going to help!" The red haired head whipped around to face the to face the small kitchen and vast, wooden table. The owner swung her legs on to the floor from the cushioned window seat and walked steadily over to where her grandmother was stood by the overflowing work surface.

"Yes?" Vicky looked inquisitivly at Mrs Weasley. She was set to work icing the beautifully made christmas cake that had been laid to cool on the scrubbed table.


By the time that the cake, mince pies and other delights were finished, a fluffy, white blanket had covered the hill outside and large flakes were still falling fast. Chancing a look at her watch, Vicky was surprised to see it approaching four o'clock. She took a look out of the large window and saw the oncoming December dusk through the snowflakes.


The journey home was fast as it was mostly downhill but, by the time she arrived, Vicky was wet thorugh and freezing cold. The Potter house was warm and friendly, however, with its handcrafted decorations hanging from the ceiling and fairy lights and candles shimmering from every surface. The towering tree, stationed by the bay window, had been errected a few days previous and now stood glittering against the late afternoon light, silver and gold balls and decorations at frequent intervals.


As the family sat down at their own dining table and started their meal, a buzz of excited chatter broke out between the occupants. The children were wrapped in their converstions about presents and food and family wereas the adults were consumed in talk about plans for Christmas day.

"Have they even answered your letter?" Ginny asked, looking skeptical.

"Well, no. Not yet. But it's early days!" Harry replied hastily.

"Two days, Harry. Two days until Christmas day. I am not having them just walking in without notice!"

"Look. It'll be fine!" Reassured, Ginny smiled at her husband and finished her meal without another word.


Before she got into bed that evening, Vicky took out her quill an ink and marked off the 22nd on the calender abover her bed.

"Three more sleeps, Lily!" She called over to the figure in the other bed. A mumble was all Vicky got in responce before she turned out the light and settled down for a peaceful nights sleep...

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