Awkward Fanfic Moments

So this is my book of fanfic moments that make me wanna pull my own eyes out ok?!


7. seven

'I put on some light makeup and my hair into a messy bun. I pulled on an oversized shirt and some leggings.'

This is soooo overused I think I'm gunna cry!

Seriously, when they say light makeup, they mean six inches of foundation, so much eyeliner they look like a panda, four layers of mascara so it looks like they've got vines growing out of their face and enough blusher to make it impossible for a driver to tell whether it's a red light or a fanfic bitch.

The bun thing. Really?! A messy bun? Why the hell would you waist perfectly good food in your... Oh you mean the hair - ok. Sorry bout that. Anywayyyy, why? What's wrong with plats or a ponytail?! Or is that too much effort for you?

An oversized shirt??????????? WAHHHT DAAAA FUCKKKKKKKKK?!?!?!?! Why do you own something like that. Oh I know: YOLO!

Right listen up bitches of the world, from now on: YOLO LOL OMFG ASDFGHJKL LMFAO BRB LMAOOOOOOOOOO are all banned ok?! I hate them with a passion. Seriously no one walks round, sees something or someone they like and screams ASDFGHJKL do they?! Well if you do then keep it zipped!

Out fits- the one thing to drive me MENTAL. They say something like 'i wore a:' and then leave some polyvore link or some shit like that. You then click on the link and it's just like, yup you guessed it, an oversized shirt, leggings and a pair of TOMS.

'My little sister was searching through my stuff before she pulled out a tampax.'

Shit bitch why is your sister looking through your stuff? And do you even know what a tampax is? I mean you never have your period so






I hate it when they say shit like 'there was a note on the floor, it said: meet me at the park at midnight from h.' And they're like 'hmmm h. I wonder...' ITS A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC, WHO DO YOU THINK IT IS, Hagrid?

The thing that makes me laugh soooo often is the fact that Niall is effectively made of Nando's. It's like

'Right I'm ordering takeout what are we having. I suggest pizz-'


'Niall we had Nando's yesterd-'


'Please Niall we can't have Nando's two days ru-'



Hey yo Waddup sup... That's enough of that.

Sorry it's short, I'm gunna go back to the old format now!

Tell me what you think!




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