Awkward Fanfic Moments

So this is my book of fanfic moments that make me wanna pull my own eyes out ok?!


8. eight

Hey peeps!!!

So I'm just saying a HUGEEEE thanks to all you guys for reading this as liking and commenting! 44 reads, 15 comments, 10 likes and 12 favourites WOW!!! For everyone who has commented, liked, read or favourited my book, you get a pet pony 🐴 there.

Any who on with the book and cos I'm feeling in a happy and popular mood, I'm gonna splash out on my emoji line!


'Oh c'mon sing for us...'

'Oh no you'd hate me, I never sing in front on people, I sound like a dying cat being put through a blender!'


On second, hold the fuck up! You don't need 5 billion exclamation things, it doesn't make it anymore loud. And multiple letters just a make it look like you've fallen asleep on the key.




'What WHAT??? What did I do wrong????????'

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lines like these drive me fucking mad! Shut your fucking face before I shut it for you. When someone says woah, normally means you've done something good, not joined al quieda. ー_ー

Ok ^ - ^ anyway

'That was amazing...'


'Yup' *pops the p*

RIGHT IM GUNNA START SOME SERIOUS SHIT HERE! Right popping the p is so overused the author may as well pop their cherry at the same time cos it saves us a lot of grief. Next, the whole "I didn't know I sounded like Beyoncé and Rihanna had a love child" thing is driving me fucking mental.

*two hours later*

'Hey erm... Look at this...'

*looks at video with 573637373399191636382010733692016363929 hits*

'Wow I did pretty ok!'

Just gimme a minute *slams head into wall* I'm ok now what did I miss? Pretty ok??? GURL WHAT DRUGS YOU ON???? Pretty ok means you got maybe a coupla 100 but no, you got 573637373399191636382010733692016363929 so I think that passes as FUCKING AWESOME.

'How does an X factor audition sound to you?'

'I don't know why?'

'You've got one in ten minutes...'

SHIT NIGGA FUCK BASTARD WHAT??? No no no no no no no no. NO. Ok? One does not simply tell a fanfic character a surprise because...


'Hang on I thought you'd be pleased!'


And there we have it your typical singing break up scene TA DAAAA 💎



Yeah it's short so sorry!

I'm now writing a fanfic called 'Scared Of The Dark?' And it's a Harry vampire fic (ooh rebel!) and I'd really appreciate it LIKE LOADS!!!

Love you all to mother fucking pieces cos you're all goddamn sexy mofos!



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