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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


27. 26

Chapter 26


Brigh’s POV


            “Tennessee?” I gaped at Harry. He rolled his eyes and handed our boarding tickets to the lady by the entrance of the plane.

            “I told you, it’s to keep you-“

            “Safe, yeah I know that, but… Tennessee? Why not Hawaii or something,” I whined. I know I was being annoying as fuck right now, but really, I could care less. I continue to gape at him as he literally dragged me all the way inside the plane.

            “Brigh,” Harry sighed. “This isn’t about being comfortable; this is about being safe; from a fucking murderer for fuck’s sake!”

            I made a sour face, as if I needed help being reminded of that.

            “Fine,” I huffed and allowed Harry to lead me to our seats. 23B. I slid into the seat by the window after putting my suitcase away. Harry slid in next to me and grabbed my hand, bringing it to his mouth and pressing his lips against it. A small smiled formed on my lips at the gesture.

            “Let’s not fight, please. We just made up.” Harry whispered against my hand. I turned my head, locking eyes with his brilliant green ones.

            “Okay,” I agreed and leaning my head against his shoulder, kissing where his shoulder met his neck. He sighed and placed his head on top of mine.

            “But seriously, why Tennessee,” I asked while grinning, knowing I was going to piss him off. He sighed deeply, but stayed quiet. I glanced up. His eyebrows were raised and he was looking at me with one of those shut-your-fucking-mouth looks. I giggled and leaned my head back against his shoulder.




            Five hours, fifteen minutes and forty-five seconds later and I still can’t fall asleep. And yes, I was fucking counting. No matter how hard I try to just drift off, I can’t. I look over to Harry, whose arm was lying limply over my thighs. His eyes were closed, and soft snores left his mouth.

            “Excuse me?” I whispered to the flight attendant with the cart full of drinks and snacks. She looked up and smiled at me.

            “Can I get you anything?” She said politely.

            “Can I have some water?” I asked, trying my best not to wake Harry. The flight attendant nodded and handed me a water bottle.

            “Thanks,” I mumbled. Harry stirred slightly, mumbling something inaudible and wrapped his hand around my thigh. I laughed quietly and took a drink of my water. The sky was dark outside. Black clouds and fog made the scenery outside look spooky and eerie.

            “Brigh,” Harry whispered. I jumped slightly and looked at him. His eyes were still closed. Was he still asleep? I wondered. “I’m sorry.” He whimpered. I frowned. Was he talking in his sleep? Well, obviously he was! I glanced at him once more before staring back out the window, trying to make out the waves of the ocean below us. Ten minutes later, the intercom turned on overhead.

            “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We will be landing shortly. Thank you for flying British Airways.” The captain’s deep voice flowed through the speakers. Relief flooding through me; thank the lord, I thought.

            “Haz, c’mon wake up. We are about to land.” I said, shaking Harry’s shoulder gently. His eyes fluttered open and ran a hand through his curly mop.

            “Are we here?” His voice was rough and raw, but very quiet. I bit my lip, trying not to smile.

            “Nearly,” I said happily. He sat up straight and stretched out his long arms, his elbows cracking. I winced.

            “Can I have a drink?” Harry asked, gesturing to my water bottle. I mumbled a yeah and passed it to him. Before we knew it, we were touching the Earth.




            After we got off the plane, went to Burger King, and found a car rental place, we were on the road. Harry had yet to tell me where we were going or what we were doing in the United States of fucking America. I looked at the abundance of trees outlining the side of the road, every so often catching sight of a deer running through the forest. The roads were somewhat empty, only a few stray cars here and there. The only thing guiding us through the pitch black was the streetlights and the car’s headlights.

            The car was weird. The steering wheel was on the left side of the car instead of the left; totally strange. It was almost alien to me, it was a wonder how Harry was so comfortable driving this thing. The radio was playing softly in the background as we drove down the high way.

            “We’re here,” Harry said quietly after a few moments, pulling into a driveway. The car stopped and turned off. I looked outside. In front of us was a massive wood cabin. Due to the darkness outside, it was a bit hard to see details.

            “This cabin belongs to my parents. They don’t come here anymore so they wouldn’t mind if we stayed here. They always leave the electricity and water running so we’re good.” Harry explained, getting out of the car. I copied his actions and grabbed my luggage. I followed behind Harry quietly as he unlocked the door and stepped inside. The air was stale and slightly smoky, causing me to cough and wave my hand through the air.

            Harry hit a switch that turned on the light connected to the hallway. I glanced around. A coat rack was placed by the door, along with a little closet. I shrugged off my hoodie and hung it on one of the racks.

            “You okay?” Harry asked me, his hand barely pressing against my lower back. I turned toward him and nodded, giving him a little smile.

            “I’m fine. Are you okay?”

            “I’m fine,” Harry mumbled and kissed my cheek. “Well come on, let’s explore the place!” He said excitedly and shut the door. I laughed and picked up my bag. Everything was going to be fine, I told myself. Everything will be just fine. I slowly walked up the stairs, looking over the side of the railing. I could see into the living room perfectly. A stone gas fireplace sat underneath the telly in the middle of the room against the wall. High glass windows covered the walls, giving me a fantastic view of the mountains and the lake right outside. The furniture was a brown colour, matching the wood of the house or cabin, whichever. A long couch was placed in front of the telly with a dining table directly behind it.

            Two chairs sat on either side of the coffee table in front of the couch. It was beautiful. I tore my eyes away from the living room and walked behind Harry up the stairs. He kept glancing back every so often as if to make sure I was still there. There were four doors on either side of the hallway. The first three were bathrooms and the other four were guest bedrooms, which last the last one the ‘master suit’.

            The room was bigger than the other four rooms and had a triangle shaped window high on the wall above the bed. When you first walk in, the bed in directly in front of you, dark pieces of wood made the bedframe and the same kind of wood made the night tables on both sides of the bed. A single lamp sat on the little night tables. To my right, there was a set of sliding doors that led to an outdoor patio. The swinging bench outside swung smoothly in the breeze.

            I sat my bag down on the bed and plopped down on the bed. Harry was watching me from the doorway with raised eyebrows.

            “What do you think?” He asked, setting his bag beside mine. I smiled at him.

            “It’s really beautiful,” I said honestly. Harry smiled and cupped my jaw with his warm hand. I leaned into his touch. He leaned in closer and closer until I could feel his hot breath fanning over my face. I reached up and pressed my lips to his, loving the feeling of electricity that runs through me. 

Suddenly, a vibrating sound made me jump back, ripping my lips from his. Harry groaned and rolled his eyes, but picked up his phone anyway.

            “Hold on, I have to take this.” He said quietly and walked out the room quickly, closing the door on his way out. I frowned and slowly stood up, putting my ear against the wooden door. I really have no idea why I was doing this, but his reaction was kind of weird and I wanted to know whom he was talking to. Surprisingly, I could hear his voice clearly.

            “I don’t want to tell you,” Harry snapped, annoyed. I furrowed my eyebrows.

            “So? What the fuck has that got to do with me? I told you, I don’t want to tell you!” His voice was gradually rising with each word.

“And why would I?” His voice lowered quickly to a dangerous hiss. I felt chills run down my spine at how cold his voice was. Who the fuck was he talking to?




Murder- Justin Timberlake


TKO- Justin Timberlake


Good Girls- 5SOS


The Ghost of the Mountain album- Tired Pony

-Hunter x


(Hey Tessa here just a little note. If Hunter and I were to make a youtube video would you guys watch it. If so leave some question's down below that we can answer in the video)


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