Forever my Twin

Paisley and Hazel are identical twins who find out the both have the same kind of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma. Their mother complains that 10 year olds need to be free witch everyone agrees. They continue their fight to survive.


1. what

Paisley, Hazel their mother calls. Coming yells the twins. When they come into their moms sight their mom feels a bump on Hazels back. She lifts up her shirt in the back and tells Hazel and Paisley to get in the car. Before they go she checks Paisleys back sure enough she had one too. She then drove them both to the hospital.



Mama I'm scared Hazel said before walking into the hospital. They walked in and said that they needed to get checked out right away. Their doctor, Dr. Anne told them that she wanted to do a MRI and she did.

Find out what happens next later✨

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