Ellie Haron has had enough.
Of her dad.
Her dad is the Doctor, from Gallifrey.
Her mother is the notorious killer River Song.
He only comes when there is trouble.
And he's back.


1. Why Should I Trust You?

I started to run, and I ran as fast as I could.

His face.

It was bruised, cut, and scarred.

He was crying.

He may be my dad, but I don't trust him.

You see why?

I have a scar on my stomach from where they had to feed me, not my throat, but my stomach, because it was swollen  from thirst. I got a meal a week.

He's not marvelous.

He's code mauve.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and texted my mother, River Song, the following words:

He's Back.

She replied within half a minute,

Don't trust him. Rule One: The Doctor lies.

He doesn't know he's my father, it was River who told me, but I couldn't even look at him without seeing my face in his.

He has never seen my actual face until now. Only half of it, for I was wearing a half face masqeuarde mask when he took me, and locked me in the room at Demon's Run...


He grabbed my hand, and whispered run.


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