Harry Potter and the Clock of Love

Harry Potter finds a clock and figures out that he needs to fall in love in 72 hours so he does not travel back in time because the world needs him!


1. Hiding from Filch

Harry was walking down the hall 20 minutes late to class because he slept in to late and had to go down to the kitchens to get some scones and pumpkin juice from Dobby  and the other house elves. Suddenly he heard a notice from behind him. He turned around fast and saw Mrs.Norris staring at him. He turned and ran for the closest door he could find. He ran into the room and saw a huge grandfather clock standing in the middle of the room. There was  a door that looked as if someone could fit behind the door. He quickly opened the door and stepped inside before he saw the warning written on a piece of parchment and taped on the door. The sign read WARNING IF YOU ENTER THE CLOCK THAN YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO GET A TRUE LOVES FIRST KISS OR YOU WILL BE SENT BACK IN TIME. YOU WILL PASS THROUGH THE CENTURIES UNTIL YOU GET A TRUE LOVES FIRST KISS.

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