Running with the Wolves

A girl named Luna finds out she's a werewolf. It's thrilling to run through the woods as a wolf but her friends don't know. Luna tries to convince her parents to let her tell them but they rufuse.


1. The Secret

     I wake up confused. It's a normal morning, nothing unusual except for one thing, I had a dream. I never have dreams. In my dream I was running through the woods. Sticks and leaves crunching under my furry feet. Twigs and branches scrap me and blood trickles down my side. A man chases me but he isn't a man anymore. I saw him transform into a wolf. The night air is fresh and the smell of pine is strong. A glance to my right shows a cave. I hide in it until the stranger leaves. I can hear howls in the distance. Only now do I realize the ground is closer then it should be. The wind ruffles the fur on my face as I realize, I am a wolf. I make my way back towards my house when I awake. I try to shake the strange feeling the dream gives me as I get dressed and go to the kitchen. 

     "Go back to your room your not going to school today," Mom says and walks away. Just like that, no explanation or anything. "Mom?" I call. "Dad?" I walk around the house until I run into Dad. "Dad, Mom says I can't go to school. What's going on?"

"Honey, just go to your room and do NOT go into the basement." He says and walks away. I stand for a moment confused and curious then walk towards the basement. My hand hovers for a moment before I grip the knob. I start to turn the knob when it suddenly locks in place. They locked it. I try to think of another way to get into the basement when suddenly I hear footsteps. I run to my room and lay on the bed. 

"Luna?" Mom says as she and Dad walk into my room.


"Luna, this is very important so listen closely. We aren't like everyone else. Our family is connected to wolves. We can change into wolves. Some might call us werewolves. Last night you changed for the first time. I chased after you but you hid. You have to be very careful not to let anyone know okay?" Dad says. I sit there stunned for a moment connecting the dots. I close my eyes and focus on my "dream". I remember how I felt, what it was like, and when I open my eyes I am a wolf. I look at my parents then run outside. I go through the backyard to the woods. The wind blows back my fur as I run. I spend the rest of the day prowling and hunting. I give myself over to my senses and let the wolf in me govern me. 




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