Summer. (Austin Fanfiction)

This crazy college girl named destiny loves messing around. She is a total mess and than she meets him.


1. Intro


I walked up to my dorm room and find my friend inside packing. "Hey Destiny are you almost ready?" I looked at her and smirked. "I just got here, I'm packing now!" By the way we are going to Florida for the whole summer!

I walked up to the main door of our dorms and found a price of paper of who is all going. I read down the list;



3)Hunter (Destinys boyfriend)

4)Hailey (Destinys BFF)

5) Austin


As I was gazing at the paper I felt these fimiliar hand go on my waist and pick me up. I turn around and see Hunter. "Hey baby before we go can we go have a quickie?" I looked at him at slapped his arm playfully and shook my head. "Hunter we are leaving in 30 minutes and I still need to pack." He looked at me disappointed and gave me a long and intense kiss.

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