Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


17. Alexis and Niall on a rampage

Louis pov

Louis help Brittany screamed love I'm coming I see Alexis and a dirty blond wolf fighting Brittany ran to me and said Luke saved me well now I don't think wolves are that stupid now.

Luke's pov

Let me go wolf then Niall ran in and tossed me across the room Luke don't fucking touch her agin Niall then looked at Brittany And lunged at her in a sec louis threw him through a wall before he could get to her she's bleeding I need help me and louis can't fight them off I sent a mind message to Conner and Cody they came Cody helped louis hold Niall down me and Conner held Down Alexis Niall hissed at us shut it vampire Conner said. Then louis grabbed Brittany and ran to their room.

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