A not so fun fairytale


1. the woods

Louis pov

We are all going camping in these weird woods since we are off they don't think it's weird though.

"I'm hungry!" Yells Niall.

"Shut up Niall!" Zayn yells.

"But I'm hungry!" He says even louder.

We sit here for an hour listening to that!

"We are here finally!" Screams Liam.

We all jump out and I catch a glimpse of something the woods.

"Do we have to camp?" I say.

"Yes this is the only freedom we get." Says Harry. We set up camp and me and Niall go to get some fire wood and I saw a girl in the distance.

"Niall follow me!" I yell. We run over there and there was a big patch of land that was covered in flowers.

"There she is." I whisper. It was a girl and her back was turned to us. She had long brown hair and a white dress on.

"Where have you been." I hear someone say. I turn around and see the rest of the boys behind me.

Niall and I hush them and point to the girl in white.

"Wow." Says Liam.

She turns around and starts to walk toward us.

"Run!" Yells Zayn.

We took off running and found another girl quit similar to the other girl but had blond hair.

"Hi." She says quietly.

"Run!" Zayn yells again. But for some reason I feel like I don't have to run from her.

"You mad man!" Yells Harry . I look back and the other boys are with the other girl Harry is mouthing to me that I need to get my butt over there.

"We will be at the camp sit." Says Niall.

They left and it was me and her.

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