The lightning storm: A Zeus story

Zeus gets mad at on of his servants and his anger causes a lightning storm that kills mortals. He must gain the power of his son Hercules to stop it


1. the servant that messed up

One day, Zeus king of the gods was sitting and he realized he was hungry. He called upon his servant to get him food. He ordered the poor servant to get him bread and wine. The man ran off and came back with the finest bread and the tastiest red wine he could find.

It was unfortunate that the helper slipped on his toga and dropped the tray of food. The tray smashed and the food spilled. The servant looked up and knew what was coming. Zeus pointed his finger at the servant and he dropped down dead. Everyone flinched and ran away. Zeus screamed and a boom of thunder could be heard from outside.

What Zeus did not know was that he had set off a deadly lightning storm.

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